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High School Musical Star Vanessa Hudgens Shares Swimsuit Photo With Sister

Here is her healthy morning routine.

Vanessa Hudgens is celebrating her sister in her swimsuit. In a new social media post the High School Musical alum shows off her amazing body in a bathing suit while honoring her sibling on her special day. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY @stellahudgens 🥳🥳🥳🥳 words will never be able to fully express how much I love you but you make everything better. Literally everything. I couldn't be more grateful to have such an intelligent, beautiful, fun, loving, sassy womb mate. You're everything to me and always will be. Love you," she captioned the Instagram snap. How does Vanessa stay healthy on a daily basis? She recently opened up about her morning routine. 


She Rises and Gives Gratitude

"I try to avoid an alarm if I can. Once my eyes are open, the first thing that I do is give gratitude. I feel like that's such an important thing to do and it really sets the tone for my day," Vanessa told  Marie Claire about how she wakes up in the morning. 


She Hydrates

Vanessa (tries) to prioritize hydration. "I'm also a big advocate of hydrating, but I'm not a big water person. I'm terrible with water—I hope I'll grow out of it. So for now, I just reach for Caliwater, my cactus water brand," she said. 


She Has Breakfast


Vanessa likes a hearty breakfast. "I love eating and I love breakfast. My breakfast normally consists of some form of eggs, avocado, and an oat milk latte," she continued. 


She Takes Supplements


"After I eat, I'll take my supplements," Vanessa added. "Right now, I'm just using Ritual's Synbiotic+. I travel so often, so it's really important for me to do what I can to boost my immune system. It's funny, but a huge portion of your immune system is actually in your GI tract, so the stronger the gut, the stronger the immune system. It's also great that it doesn't need to be refrigerated since I'm always on the go."



She Exercises


Then, Vanessa tries to squeeze in a workout. "It's honestly hard for me to have a daily or even weekly workout routine because I'm never in one place for long. But whenever I can, I love to get a pilates or yoga class in," she said. 


She Spends Time in Nature

"Nothing centers me more than being with nature. Whenever I'm feeling a bit chaotic, I'll go for a walk outside or a hike. It always does the trick," Vanessa said.

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