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Hoda Kotb in Workout Gear Says "Today's the Day"

"So we restart, OK? Let's do it. You got it."

Hoda Kotb is rising and exercising in her workout gear. In a new social media post the TODAY anchor shows off her fit figure while sharing an inspiring workout message with her followers. "OK, I've been slacking on my workouts lately 'cause there's no time, I keep telling myself. But you know what? I woke up and told myself today, 'Today's the day. Today's the day. Today's the day,'" she says in the Instagram video. "So we restart, OK? Let's do it. You got it. Get up and then think, 'Today's the day,'" she continued. "I wanted to hit snooze, I really did. Glad I didn't. Alright, let's give it a go today. Go get 'em." How does the morning show host approach diet, fitness, and self-care? Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits. 


Exercise Daily – at 3:00 AM

"The thing I have to do each day is exercise, whether it's a walk in Central Park or a workout," Hoda told First for Women. Why are morning workouts a good idea? Exercising in the morning may boost heart health benefits, a 2022 study determined, while another study tied morning sweat sessions to better sleep and psychological function. A third study published in Obesity linked morning workouts to a lower BMI compared to those who worked out in the afternoon or evening.  




Hoda also gets her zen on. "I've started meditating," she told Hello in 2023. "Never, in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would meditate. I can't sit still. I thought, 'this isn't for me'." She manages to slip in sessions despite her busy schedule. "If I want to get a little pick me up, I can meditate when my girls have ballet. It's 45 minutes when I can't watch them. So, they're in a room and I'm sat outside. All of a sudden, I was like, 'Oh my gosh. I'm doing this. I'm doing this right now.'" She is a big believer in the benefits. "I didn't realize that when your mind quiets you get this clarity and the energy. I didn't know it worked that way. But it really does."


Lemon-Ginger Tea


"Every morning, I make a lemon-ginger tea with a bunch of real lemons squeezed in it and a ginger cube — those frozen ones they have at Trader Joe's," Hoda told First for Women. "They're sold in a tiny ice tray, and each one has a ginger cube in it. I just pop it in with hot water, and before I start my day, I'll drink that or pour it over ice. I don't know what it does, but it makes me feel alive, great, clearer!" 


Spin Class


Hoda loves cycling. "I do 'Sundays with Love' spin bike classes, which are exercise but with an inspirational element thrown in. They make me feel strong, connected and alive!" she told First for Women. 


Outdoor Workouts


Hoda loves outdoor exercise, like walking. "And I like being outside. When you're in a gym, it doesn't have the same effect. But being outside and seeing life — it feeds the soul and the body!" she told First. 


Conscious Snacking


Kotb packs healthy snacks – like Life Savers and grapes – in plastic bags, as recommended by Today show nutritionist Joy Bauer. "This is in between meals," she said. "You don't realize how much grazing and eating weird things that you're doing and I was counting things and she said, 'Well how many of those do you eat?' And I said, 'Usually a handful.' So I threw a handful in. So all day long, I was supposed to put everything in between meals in this bag," she said on TODAY.

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