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Holly Hagan In Workout Gear Shows Off Amazing 30-Pound Weight Loss

The hard work paid off.

Holly Hagan's postpartum fitness regimen has been anything but easy—but the Geordie Shore star was determined to shift the baby weight and gain strength. Hagan lost 30 pounds in six months, and showed the difference in side by side pictures of herself wearing the same blue leggings and a black crop top. "I knew exactly what I was capable of and would get to where I wanted to be I just needed some patience and consistency 🙏🏼 I'd love to say I didn't let the comments about my postpartum body get to me, but after a video went viral with thousands of people telling me how awful and abnormal I looked, it was really hard to show up and do my job. People seriously questioned why on earth I wouldn't just go and get more surgery to fix the way I looked… but I knew I didn't need to, and could do it the safe and sustainable way," she captioned the post.  Here's how Hagan is thriving nine months after having a baby.


Weight Training Workouts

Hagan lifts weights as part of her fitness routine—here's a dumbbell workout she shared on her social media:

"Here's a killer dumbbell EMOM [every minute on the minute] for you!

1 minute heavy sumo squats

1 minute dumbbell snatches

1 minute reverse lunge

1 minute burpee devil press

1 minute rest x 5 🥵."


Ground Beef Recipe

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Hagan shares recipes on her social media, including this one for cheesy ground beef:

"Cheesy BBQ mince 405 calories with 36g of protein 💪🏼

500g 5% beef mince [ground beef]

Rice 250g (cooked weight)

1 and a half peppers

Tin of kidney beans

40g reduced fat cheese

1 beef stock pod with 250ml water

1 onion

1 tablespoon of tomato purée

1 packet of seasoning or you can use alternative seasonings from your cupboard."


Skincare Routine

Hagan's skincare routine is tailored to her sensitive skin. "I've got a silicone ball-type-thing with little prongs which doesn't harbor bacteria, so I use one of them, and then I use an Avène cleanser which was recommended by a doctor because I do have quite sensitive skin," she told VICE. "But I use a baby wipe first – which isn't the best I know – and then I use the cleanser, and then I tone with Pixi Glow Tonic, and then I will just use an Avène rich moisturizer. That's pretty much it.


Postpartum Recovery

Hagan was careful about her postpartum workouts, making sure she didn't cause herself any injuries. "Postpartum recovery is so important! Make sure you're rehabilitating your deep core before jumping into your regular ab routines. They may cause more damage if you're not careful! It's unfortunate that the hospitals don't provide some form of recovery plan for rehabilitation. Any other injury you'd be given exercises to do to regain the function but for some reason childbirth we leave with nothing. Oh and don't forget your scar massage if you've had a section," she captioned an Instagram post.


Evening Beauty Routine

Hagan's nighttime beauty routine is focused on gentle cleansing to not aggravate her skin. "At night time, I will remove my make-up with Simple baby wipes, and then the same routine again, but maybe I'll use a mask if my skin feels dry or it needs hydration because I have combination skin," she told VICE. "It's oily and dry, so I need to get the right balance which is really difficult. I have to be really careful because I come out in spots a lot and it can be a bit of a nightmare. So yes, a mask and then probably the same routine with the cleanser."

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