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​​Hollyoaks' Nikki Sanderson In Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares "Brutal" Gym Workout

The “HYROX-inspired” workout was intense.

Hollyoaks star Nikki Sanderson is someone who went from avoiding the gym to fully embracing it, even when the workouts are intense—as she shared on social media. Sanderson, 40, shared a video of herself wearing light blue leggings and a blue sports bra, doing a resistance training workout at the gym. The actress is seen using equipment and lifting weights. "Yesterdays Hyrox inspired workout! Brutal 🥵" she captioned the post. Impressive! Here's how Sanderson trains, eats, and relaxes to live her best life.


Bicycle Rides


Sanderson loves being outside in the fresh air, especially when it's an adventure in foreign locations. "I've done three London marathons which have taken their toll on my knee, so I probably won't do that anytime soon," she told Closer. "I also did a cycle ride from Vietnam to Cambodia last year, which was incredible. I'd like to do the London to Paris one and maybe climb Mount Kilimanjaro for charity."


No Dieting

Sanderson refuses to confirm to punishing beauty standards. "I try to ignore that because nobody should feel pressured to look or act a certain way," she told Express. "You get what you're given. Work with it and embrace your flaws. I'm someone who eats what they want to within reason. Life is too short to deny yourself things you want. If you limit yourself, you crave and gorge."


Hair and Makeup

Sanderson has trusted go-to products for hair and makeup. "99.9% of the time I do my own hair and make up, and I will just use whatever I have," she told Closer. "Most of my stuff is MAC and I think their products are fairly priced. They last for ages and they do work really well. I use Studio Fix powder base because I can get quite shiny, and I also swear by Astral cream. My mum uses it and she has got fantastic skin!"


No Crying Tricks

Sanderson finds intense scenes overwhelming at times. "Over the years, I've used different techniques to get myself worked up – and I now get called the crying robot because I can just do it on cue," she told Closer. "But that's just years and years of practice. After one of those long emotional days, I just come home and have a big glass of wine and watch the TV!"


Skin Care Routine

Sanderson loves winding down at home with her skin care routine. "The one I swear by is taking my make-up off as soon as I can to give my face a breather," she told Express. "If I finish filming at lunchtime, my make-up comes off immediately. Drinking water is also important. Simple products are fantastic. I also like Astral moisturizer, which is fantastically thick."

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