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Hollyoaks Star Stephanie Waring In Workout Gear Hits the Gym

She’s leaving the soap after 28 years.

British actress Stephanie Waring is leaving Hollyoaks after 28 years on the soap—but she's as active as ever. Waring, 46, shared a video of herself wearing gray leggings and a matching crop top, using resistance training equipment at the gym. "Thing of beauty 🌸," she captioned the post. "Amazing! Still looking great and keeping fit. You will go on to bigger and better things. Your fans love you and will support you whatever you do next in life. Keep smiling Steph," a fan commented. Here's how Waring stays fit, happy, and focused in her 40s.


Beauty Diet

Waring says turning her diet around immediately improved her skin. "I just like to eat natural, unprocessed foods, green juice and the like, and that has really made my skin fantastic," she told Closer. "Before I would just eat processed meals and could never understand why my skin was so dull. But since I made the change people always comment on how nice my skin looks."


Leaving Hollyoaks

Waring was devastated to learn her Hollyoaks character Cindy Cunningham was being axed after 28 years on the show. "I was given the chance to say I had chosen to quit the show to spare me any embarrassment of revealing that I've been axed, which was very kind but I don't want to lie to the fans who have followed Cindy's journey for nearly 3 decades as I believe they know she nor I would ever have left the show by choice," she said. "Hollyoaks is in my blood and I have loved every minute of walking in Cindy's heels."


Balance Is Everything

Waring has learned to relax in her 40s. "Balance is everything, so care about yourself and don't worry about what people MAY think, because they are actually not that bothered about what you're doing or what you look like," she told Great British Life. "Chill out!" 


Self Confidence With Age

Waring no longer cares about people scrutinizing her appearance. "I wish I'd cared less a long time ago," she told Great British Life. "In my 20s I was really bothered about what I looked like. In my 30s it was about people's perception of me , especially with the rise of social media back then. But now in my 40s I'm a lot happier, even though I'm still quite sensitive, I don't let other people's negativity spoil my life. I do however wish that I knew in my 30s what I know now about health and well-being especially with the onset of the perimenopause."


Pilates and Weight Training

Waring enjoys low-impact workouts and a diet packed with healthy fats. "[I do] weight training, Pilates and yoga three to five times a week," she told Great British Life. "I also do a lot of walking. The game changer for me was nailing my nutrition which, at the moment is what I call a 'Keto-biotic diet': so, fats and protein with leafy greens and I cycle it with starches on and off plus occasional intermittent fasting. My brain is sharper and I'm so much happier, plus I can sleep!"

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