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IFBB Pro Ashley Lakomowski in Workout Gear Says "Lemme Cook"

"Dried pineapple pump."

Ashley Lakomowski is showing off her muscles in workout gear. In a new social media post the IFBB pro flaunts her strong body while flexing in the gym. "Dried pineapple pump. #lemmecook," she captioned the Instagram post. What does the bodybuilder eat to fuel her intense workout sessions? Here is everything you need to know about her diet. 


She Eats 1,771 Calories Per Day

In a video interview with Hosstile, Ashley detailed her "normal diet" which involves 1,771 calories. "My protein intake is 163, fat is 23 [grams], and carbs are going to be 229. That's where I'm at right now," she says.


Meal One


Meal 1 consists of an oatmeal bake made out of oatmeal, blueberries, protein powder, cinnamon, and almond butter.


Meal Two

Her second meal is 4 oz of chicken, 100 grams of rice, green beans, salad (Romaine shredded lettuce, cucumbers), black pepper, garlic salt , and special dressing (yellow mustard, Sweet Baby Ray's No Sugar BBQ sauce).


Meal Three


"On to the third meal which is actually going to be my post-workout meal. But it can also be my pre-workout meal, it just depends on the time of the day and what I want. For instance, I had my second meal which was my chicken and rice and salad, it is still early and for me, I just make this while do my pre-workout drink, sip on my pre-workout drink. I get this ready. I kind of pick at it and I bring it to the gym with me," she said. It is cream of rice with whey protein and bananas. 


Meal Four


"For this meal, I use three ounces of chicken. So sometimes I'll do the cream of rice again, I'll do cream of rice for a pre-workout meal and post-workout meal but lately I've been wanting more dense food. Something that is more filling," she says about meal four. She makes it with 3 oz of chicken, salad W/ Her Special dressing (Romaine, cucumbers), black pepper, salt, garlic salt, Frank's Hot Sauce, 3 Rice cakes apple flavored, Sparkling Ice zero sugar starburst flavored 


Meal Five

Her fifth meal is hamburger meat with rice and vegetables. "Typically what I do is I cook my fifth meal which is my hamburger, my rice, my green beans, I mix it in the pan, I put it on low, just kind of heat it up because my meat is already prepped, rice is cooked for the day, as well as my green beans, it's super easy and convenient for me to put it in the pan and warm it up instead of putting it in the microwave," she says.


Meal Six

Her last meal of the day is greek yogurt with protein powder and blueberries. "This meal is really good I like this. It's like my little dessert. I use that light and fit vanilla greek yogurt. This is really really good macro-wise. It doesn't bother my stomach. Sometimes the sugar-free type stuff can bother people's stomach. I don't know, it doesn't bother my stomach at all," she says. 

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