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Iggy Azalea In Champion Tennis Gear is "All Smiles Over Here"

Here’s how she gets those abs.

Rapper and model Iggy Azalea is sharing tennis workouts on social media, and of course, some carefully-curated exercise outfits. Azalea, 33, posted pictures of herself wearing a Champion tennis skirt and cropped shirt, posing on the green. Another video showed her having fun on the court, batting the tennis ball back with her hand. "All smiles over here," she captioned the post. Azalea has evolved from a rapper into a business professional with her beauty line—here's how she does it all.    


Squats and Situps

Azalea treats exercise as just another everyday activity that shouldn't be skipped. "When you're a woman, you try to make time for the gym, and for a big workout routine," she told "I find with what I'm doing, that seems impossible. If you just take the time to do some squats, and also some sit-ups every night before you go to bed. That's the best thing. Just don't skip it, like brushing your teeth."


The Abs Diet

Azalea believes abs truly are made in the kitchen. When a fan asked how she gets her enviable definition, the rapper recommended a "clean" diet. "For me, diet is what does the trick," she said. "When I eat pretty basic, clean. Whole fruits (foods), meat and vegetables, that's when my abs start to show more." 


Housewives-Approved Beauty Line


Azalea is proud of the makeup line she launched with BH Cosmetics—not least because a Real Housewife is a fan. "I love beauty so much and have gotten into it so much more over the last decade, even more than when I was a young girl, because I love to do these larger-than-life music videos and create makeup looks or always try to do something that's new and interesting," she told New Beauty. "I was showing my Totally Plastic collection to my good friend, Lisa Vanderpump, and I said to Lisa that we should collaborate and she was like, 'Yes!' We were talking about how we should do an all-pink collection because she loves pink everything."


2000s Fashion Maven

Azalea is thrilled 2000s fashion is making a comeback. "I've never been able to let the nostalgia of the 2000s go, so I'm glad that everyone is on-board with this now because it's my time to shine!" she told New Beauty. "For me, it's really the frosted, iridescent shimmers that were so big in the early 2000s, and it's made its way back to makeup now with how popular things like highlighter and inner corner eyeshadow are. I see that frosted shimmer which was so popular in the early 2000s being utilized in so many different ways that we don't necessarily see it as 2000s, but as someone who's lived it, I'm like, 'Hey, we used to put that all over our lips!'"


Moving Forward

Azalea is happy to be moving into work other than music. "I've been putting out projects for the last decade, which is a long time to professionally do anything," she told Billboard. "Most people move up in their career or job chain slightly, and mine's been the same for 11 years. I'm getting to a space where I feel that there's not much new perspective I can bring to what I'm doing… at least not that I'd be comfortable with the world hearing… I feel like people say a lot that having a kid is a life-changing thing, and it was cool to write an album that's before I had a kid and then after, to see how my perspective shifted a bit."

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