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Indian Badminton Star PV Sindhu Poses With "Dear Friend" Carolina Marin

“We wage war every time we play, but off the court, the smiles and friendships persist."

Indian badminton champion PV Sindhu is as graceful off the court as she is focused while competing. Sindhu, 28, shared a picture of herself posing on the court with Spanish Olympic champion Carolina Marin, flashing thumbs up and peace signs at the camera. "We wage war every time we play, but off the court, the smiles and friendships persist, as they always should ❤️. Always wonderful to cross paths with you, dear friend! Congratulations on all England 🙌," she captioned the post. Here's what Sindhu's diet, exercise, and wellness regimen looks like.


12 Hours DailyTraining

Sindhu has a full day of training broken up over 12 hours, which includes her workouts. "I start my morning session at 7am, which goes on till about 12pm," she told Vogue India. "This is when I focus on my game on court, post which I head home for lunch at 1pm and rest until 3pm. I am back at the academy by 4pm for endurance training and wrap up my day by 7pm. My pre-workout routine starts with stretching exercises and finishes with a run. My workout session varies every day, and is planned on a monthly basis, focusing on my back, abdomen, knees and shoulders. In between practice sessions, I keep myself well hydrated since athletic performance is greatly improved when one is properly hydrated."


Carbs and Protein

Sindhu balances carbs and proteins for her daily diet. "My day usually starts with milk, eggs and fruits for breakfast," she told Vogue India. "I then head to the courts and keep myself hydrated in between sessions with plenty of liquids. For lunch and dinner, I eat meat with vegetables and rice. Also, I never leave for my workout without a snack in my kitbag—this is usually a small bowl of fruits, a few dried nuts and a bottle of Gatorade. All of them help me keep up my energy and provide me with endurance."


No Sugar When Training


Sindhu does her best to avoid sugar when training. "Ice cream and chocolates are kryptonite for an athlete," she told Elle India. "Ditto for anything with too much oil in it. Swearing off junk food altogether is scary though; indulge yourself once in a while to avoid an ungodly binge later."


Active Lifestyle

Sindhu is a strong advocate for an active lifestyle. "Being physically active helps us stay fit and healthy. Regular exercise can help you reduce serious health issues and also helps with weight management," she said at the 'Virtual Healthcare and Hygiene Expo 2020' organized by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI). "A healthy lifestyle should be the dream of each individual as it could be a great source of peace and happiness. For me, health is the complete state of physical, mental and social well-being."


Hard Work and Pride

Sindhu doesn't find her intense training regimen to be a negative. "Practice really doesn't seem like a burden when you love every minute of it," she told Elle India. "I just give my body one day to detox after returning from a tournament, and then take to the court again the very next day… With two national champions for parents, my journey in sports has been complemented by their phenomenal support. They do say that women face a tough time in Indian sports, but for me fortunately, there has been nothing but support."

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