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IndyCar Racer Pippa Mann in Workout Gear Has "Sunday Funday"

"Took myself on a little Easter Sunday bike ride..."

Pippa Mann is best known for being an IndyCar driver. She is also an advocate for other female IndyCar drivers. Mann shared a set of biking photos on Instagram on March 31. In them, she rode to pick up ice cream. Mann captioned the post, "Beautiful weather today in Indy. Took myself on a little Easter Sunday bike ride for some ice cream!" How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Pippa Mann stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Car Races

Pippa Mann/Instagram

Racing is the main way Mann stays in shape. She talked about driving to "The simple physics and dynamics are: you are going incredibly fast between two concrete walls. One on the outside, one on the inside. If something goes wrong at those speeds… it's going to be ugly. When you're on the outside looking in, it looks more dangerous. When you are racing it, you are just a racing driver. It's just another race track, it's just another race car."


She Supports Other Female Drivers

Pippa Mann/Instagram

Mann is known for supporting female drivers. She has a foundation, Shift Up Now, that serves that purpose. "It's about trying to foster this sense of community, these groups of women who are supporting each other while they're racing," says Mann to "A lot of the women we work with are pretty fed up of that feeling of being by themselves, and understand the idea that 'if everybody's rising, that helps me too.' With Shift Up Now, we're trying to create our own halo effect where we help the people who are most like us really get somewhere. It's kind of a statistics game. But you have to have more of those opportunities to start building."


She's Tough

Pippa Mann/Instagram

Mann talked about her career in an interview with Females In Motorsport. She says that she has a very thick skin. "For a female of any age coming into motorsport, you do have to understand that you are walking into what still is in general a boy's playground," she said. "You have to be able to ignore a certain level of noise and be prepared to work harder to get the same level of recognition. There will always be people trying to tear you down, but there will be people out there who want to help you succeed, and who want to help you get there, those are the people you want to pay attention to, and align with. But, for the rest of it, you'll have to grow pretty thick skin."


She's Driven

Pippa Mann/Instagram

Mann has a strong desire to succeed. "The drive to succeed comes from my mother," she told Females in Motorsport. "She's a strong business woman, and I've definitely inherited her no-nonsense, get things done attitude and determination. Beyond that, it comes from deep inside me personally. I always want to do better, to run better, to put up a better result."


She Bikes

Pippa Mann/Instagram

In her recent Instagram post, Mann is seen biking. A Healthier Michigan states that biking has a lot of benefits. "Cycling is considered a low-impact exercise because even though it's a form of cardio and can help you work up a sweat pretty fast, it is done with easy movements that are gentle on your legs, arms and joints."

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