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Influencer Skyler Simpson Shares Swimsuit Video From South of France

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Skyler Simpson is enjoying the beautiful climate and scenery while on vacation in the south of France. The social media influencer and model shared a video of herself lounging around a stunning pool in a tiny white bikini, diving into the crystal water. "Somewhere in the south of France," she captioned the post. How does Simpson have the energy to stay on top of all her commitments? Here are 5 ways she stays fit and happy.


HIIT Workouts

Simpson shares her HIIT workouts on social media, so fans can copy her exact exercises. "[HIIT workouts] don't require as much time as a regular workout (some can take as little as 10 minutes)," says Matthew Haines, Head of Division of Sport, Exercise & Nutrition Sciences, University of Huddersfield. "And research shows they improve fitness, lower blood pressure and help people better manage their blood sugar levels – which may aid in weight loss and prevent disease, such as type 2 diabetes."


Fresh Fruit

Simpson loves fresh fruit for a healthy snack, especially watermelon. Watermelon is a good choice for a refreshing bite, especially during warmer weather, although it's beneficial at any time of year. "We think of watermelon as a fun, seasonal food for barbeques and the beach, but it's also really good for you," says registered dietitian Lara Whitson, RD, LD. "It's low in calories, keeps you hydrated and provides many other nutrients that can help you maintain good health."


Sushi and Sashimi


Simpson enjoys seafood, with sushi and sashimi being her favorite. Experts recommend low-mercury fish—for example sardines or salmon—be included as part of a healthy diet. "Try to eat at least two servings a week of fish, especially fish that's rich in omega-3 fatty acids," say the experts at the Mayo Clinic. "Doing so appears to reduce the risk of heart disease, particularly sudden cardiac death."


Hiking In Nature

Simpson enjoys hiking, especially while traveling. Hiking is a great low-impact exercise, and provides all the benefits of working out in nature. "When you're dressed for success, hiking is a great total-body workout," says Michael Bednarz, DPM, FACFAS, a podiatric surgeon at Piedmont. "It strengthens the large muscles in your body, while stimulating the feel-good chemical hormones of adrenaline and endorphins that boost your mood and energy levels."


Red Wine

Simpson loves red wine, which experts say should be enjoyed in moderation. Red wine has long been considered a heart-healthy choice thanks to resveratrol, but research has been limited. "Resveratrol helps activate an enzyme called telomerase, which protects genome integrity," says cardiologist Dennis Bruemmer, MD. "And because of that, this resveratrol has been associated with preventing cardiovascular disease and actually extending longevity… It has never really been proven in people."

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