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Inka Magnaye in Workout Gear Says "I Want to Be Strong"

"I wanna be strong."

Inka Magnaye is sweating in her workout clothes. In a new social media post the influencer shows off her amazing body in exercise gear during an intense strength training workout. "I want to be strong because I know what it feels like to be completely helpless. I want to be strong because my body's default has always been to freeze and I'm tired of it. I want to be strong because I refuse to be at the mercy of someone else's total control. I want to be strong because I was brave enough to step in and help someone else, and being able to do that for her made me feel like I was able to make up for the many times I needed it but couldn't. And so, I wanna be strong," she writes in the caption. "Because the stronger I get, the more it heals the scared and violated version of me that couldn't do anything. The stronger I get, the more I can protect the people I love and everyone else around me. The stronger I get, the more I can prevent what happened to me from happening to others. I want to be strong. Because the stronger I get, the stronger my NO becomes. And if there's someone around me whose no doesn't get respected, I can be strong enough to make sure that it does." How does the 35-year-old approach diet, fitness, and self-care? Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits. 


Everything in Moderation

"There's no food program that I follow. I don't necessarily cut off any kinds of food from my diet," Inka revealed in a TikTok. "I still eat sugar. I still have things like milk, tea," she says. "I still eat carbs and cupcakes and pancakes and all these really tasty things. It's just I eat everything in moderation. For example, I still drink soda, but I don't have a can of soda every day. It's like once in every couple of months."



Inka is a coffee drinker. "I drink black coffee every day. I don't even put sugar or cream or eat," she said. According to the Cleveland Clinic, there are several benefits of drinking coffee in moderation. "It acts on your brain to improve memory, mood, reaction times, and mental function," they say, citing a study finding that caffeine can improve endurance and performance during exercise. It is also antioxidant-rich, can ward off diabetes, prevent neurologic disease, lower cancer risk, and ward off depression, they point out.




Does Inka take supplements? "I do drink whey protein after every workout because that helps with my muscle recovery,"she reveals.


Protein and Fiber

"So as someone with PCOS, a majority of my diet is protein and fiber because I'm very sensitive to carbohydrates and sugars," Inka says about her diet. "Like I know when I've eaten past my body's car threshold because I feel allergic and my eyes get really red and glassy. But the thing is, I never cut any food out of my diet because I don't believe in restrictive diets at all."


Cardio and Weights

Inka is a fan of strength training. "I do high intensity cardio and weights three times a week. Coach Ricky and home best boxing gets to my place at around 8:00 AM Then we work out till about 11. We do six rounds of boxing. And then do strength training through lifting weights and cardio drills. Then we finish off with some core work," she said in another TikTok.

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