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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Star Brittany Daniel Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Girls Trip"

Yes, she still does everything with her sister.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia star Brittany Daniel took a break from her work and family responsibilities to enjoy a girls trip to Cabo, Mexico, with a group of friends. Daniel, 47, shared highlights from the fun-filled vacation, including obligatory shots of the girls posing in the pool, with Daniel looking fit and fabulous in a black bikini. "First girls vacation away from my baby Hope. We stayed at the most magical resort @esperanzaauberge. All of my mama stress melted away. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of us. Thank you to my friends friends @himargaux_ @rebeccacafiero and Anna Bettini for making the time to get away and reconnect. Also shout out to all our husbands for holding it down while we were away," she captioned the post. So how does she do it? Here's what Daniel's fitness, diet, and wellness regimen looks like.


Working Out With Cynthia

Daniel loves working out with her twin sister Cynthia Daniel. "For my sister and I, working out is part of our life — I know from first-hand experience that if you can work out with a friend, family member, or partner, you are more likely to stick to your routine," she says. "It's also kind of a fun bonding experience… What brings two people together like sweating? Cyn and I are on different levels athletically, but that doesn't mean we can't work out together. We have similar goals and intentions, but she prefers low-impact strength training and I love to push as hard as I can with high-impact training. An added plus: the healthy competitive spirit in each of us comes out when we exercise together, and we can push our limits without feeling judged!"


Staying Accountable

When Daniel isn't working out with her sister, she works out with friends to stay accountable. "Workout buddies (or sisters): a person who holds you accountable to show up to workout AND someone who makes working out more fun and social," she says. "In yoga classes, teachers often say 'the hardest part is showing up to the mat,' and I'd have to agree. For me, having a workout buddy is one essential way to find motivation to show up. Not to mention, your body/mind/soul will thank you."


Farmer's Market Food


Daniel enjoys buying food and ingredients from her local farmer's market. "Knowing I'm supporting locally sourced food and eating organic are two things that are really important to me," she says. "I also love chatting with the farmers and vendors about their process, their favorite seasonal offerings, and how they got started. Oftentimes it's not just produce I will pick up, but also eggs, cheese and poultry that haven't been raised with hormones or antibiotics."


30 Minutes of Self-Care Daily

Daniel and her husband Adam Touni take 30 minutes every day for self care, such as yoga and/or meditation. "Our daily practice of yoga, meditation, and exercise is already having a grounding and loving impact in my life," she says. "Of course, self-care is very personal and specific to all of us. The most helpful thing I've found is to first carve out the time for yourself, see what nourishes your spirit, and do your best to schedule all other commitments around that time."


Charcuterie Plates

Daniel and her sister Cynthia love creating beautiful charcuterie plates when entertaining. "Choose some fun sides like artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, olives or pickles to add depth and flavor to the plate," she says. "You can also include small ramekins with grainy mustard or flavored oils for some extra flavor. Fill the gaps: Your last and final step is an important one for the presentation … Make sure there are no visible spaces left on the plate! We love filling in the plate gaps with fruit like grapes and apples, and with nuts (almonds are always a good choice)."

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