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Jen Selter In Green Two-Piece Workout Gear Says "You've Got This!"

"Trust me, I’ve been there."

Fitness influencer Jen Selter is sharing some workout inspiration with her 13.9 million Instagram followers. Selter, 30, shared a video of herself wearing green two-piece Alo Yoga gear, doing mat exercises next to the ocean. "Feeling stuck in a lazy slump after taking a break from your routine? I get it, it happens to the best of us. But here's the truth: getting back into the swing of things can make you feel like a whole new person. Trust me, I've been there. Remember, every little step you take forward is a win and you'll be amazed at how quickly you bounce back once you get moving again. You've got this!" she captioned the post. Here's how Selter approaches wellness, fitness, and living her best life.


No Secret Pill

Selter is a big believer in the power of positive thought. "Anyone can acquire anything they set their hearts and minds to!" she told HuffPost. "It takes dedication, perseverance, hard work and consistency. There is no secret pill, no special diet. What it comes down to is how hard you push yourself and how you overcome the mental challenge of getting yourself to the gym even when you really don't want to."


Sunday Funday

Selter relaxes with meal prepping and cleaning. "Sundays are my favorite days to reset and decompress," she told Sundays For Dogs. "I love getting a little workout in, tidying up my apartment, looking over and prepping my schedule for the week ahead, as well as cooking/baking. Sundays are my days to take things slowly, relax and recharge!"


Training Mom

Selter enjoys the challenge of training family members like her mother. "Working out with her has been a great learning experience and seeing her progress along the way has really been inspiring to me," she told Yahoo Beauty. "She has a great work ethic and it shows. I hope I look like her when I'm her age. Training with her has had its challenges, too. Her body behaves a little differently than mine, and I have to always remind myself of that. It's also fun. She usually gets to be the boss, but in the gym, I'm in charge!"


No Perfect Body

Selter wants to remind people to focus on what they can control. "The thing I want people to know is that there is no 'perfect body.' I certainly don't think mine is," she told Yahoo Beauty. "Just like every other woman out there, there are things about mine I wish I could change. I think what we should all aspire to – what I try to aspire to, is to be the best version of myself, inside and out. There are lots of things about myself, and my body, I can't change. But there are even more [things] that I'm in control of, and those are what I focus on."


Just Do It

Selter has days when she needs to motivate herself to work out, just like everyone else. "Everyone has days when they don't want to get out of bed," she told Women's Health. "I have them. Some days, I'm like, 'The gym's not happening.' Sometimes I have to give myself a little pep talk."

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