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Jenna de Leó in Tye-Dye Workout Gear Works Out Her Glues

How Jenna de Leó maintains her chiseled body. 

Wearing a gray tye-dye sports bra and matching tight shorts, Jenna de Leó shows how she gets her perfect body. The trainer and PRO bikini competitor, who has won three times, posts regular workout videos and reveals how she gets so toned. Known for her sculpted glutes, strong legs, and six-pack abs, the 33-year-old is one of the most sought-after fitness coaches and head trainer for reset app. Here's everything to know about her diet and fitness regime. Read on. 


She Eats Protein to "Grow" Her "Booty"

To maintain a slim waist, but defined booty, de Leó eats protein. "Two things matter in regards to food when building your GLUTES," she wrote in an Instagram post. 

  1. "A protein-rich diet
  2. A caloric surplus

Protein is directly correlated with muscle growth, and after all, your glutes are muscles." She added, "On the other hand, a caloric surplus of nutritiously dense foods will allow the food you eat to be converted to good mass!  "All you ladies on the Booty Secrets program, try to incorporate some of these foods into your diet to maximize gains!"


She Does Circuit Training to Get Her Strong Legs

Getting a body like de Leó takes work, discipline, and commitment. In a recent post, she shared her leg routine and wrote, "I don't know about you, but I absolutely LOVE leg day! Here is a great circuit to add to your routine. If you don't have access to a gym then this minimal equipment Leg day is for you."

.Circuit One:

– 12 Dumbbell Seated Squat


Circuit Two:

– 10 Calf Raise Squat


Circuit Three:

– 12 Alternating Rear Lunge per side

– 12 Split Jump Squat per side


Circuit Four:

– 12 Single Leg Deadlift

– 12 Weighted Single Leg Curl per side



She Does Deep Squats

Another way she maintains a strong and beautiful lower body is by doing deep squats but admitted they're not easy. Wearing a light blue sports bra and brown shorts, de Leó posted a video showing the moves that help her deepen her squats and wrote, "Although it didn't happen overnight, these are some of the stretches/moves that helped me. There are a few more that I also do, but I believe you guys can start with these and see how it goes." She added, "I must warn you though, it may leave you feeling sore for a little while, but your body will soon get used to it."


She Doesn't Skip Upper Body Workouts

De Leó is all about getting an effective workout with minimal equipment and shows how to get lean arms without just dumbbells. "My sisters, don't skip your upper body workouts," she said, wearing a dark gray sports bra and blue hip-hugging shorts. "With just a pair of dumbbells, this arm-focused routine will leave you feeling strong and empowered. Save it for your next workout and give it a try!"


Warm Up:

– 10 Banded Pull Apart X3

Circuit One:

– 10 Alternating Press per side

– 12 Kneeling Front Raise


Circuit Two:

– 10 Reverse Grip Shoulder Press

– 10 Bent-Over Front Raise


Circuit Three:

– 12 Tricep Kickback per side

– 5 Alternating Hammer Curl with hold per side


She added, "If you liked this workout, hop inside the to see more daily workouts and other structured training programs."


She Drinks Blueberry Protein Shakes

Protein is a vital part of everyone's diet. It serves several important roles like aiding in growth and development, repairing damaged cells, carrying oxygen through the body, is a great energy source, and more. To ensure she gets enough protein, de Leó has protein shakes. "Blended smoothies are excellent for quick protein, and this recipe will deliver something tasty and filling to sip on!" she wrote. "Don't forget the peanut butter, an essential ingredient! Swap for an alternate nut or seed butter if you have an allergy!"


-Frozen Banana


-Peanut Butter



-Vanilla Protein Powder

-Oat Milk

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