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Jenna Dewan In Black Leggings Shows Pregnancy Pilates Workout

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Jenna Dewan is pregnant with baby number 3—and still working out consistently! Dewan, 43, shared a video of herself wearing black leggings and a matching tank top, doing low-impact exercises on a Pilates chair at home. "This and that 🤍," she captioned the post, which included pictures of her with friends and family, plus cuddling with her sweet pup. "So protective, dogs are the best," a fan commented. Here's what Dewan's fitness, diet, and wellness regimen looks like, and why she's obsessed with Taylor Swift.


Glowing Green Smoothies

Dewan starts her day with a green smoothie packed with fruit and vegetables. "Every day, I wake up and make a Glowing Green smoothie, using nutritionist Kimberly Snyder's recipe," she told Well+Good. "I met Kimberly about seven years ago and have been making these green smoothies pretty much every day since. It's made with spinach, romaine, celery, apple, and pear, so it's loaded with really good fiber. Every once in a while, instead of the smoothie I'll have a sprouted grain cereal, adding raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries on top. It's really crunchy and satisfying."


She's a Swiftie

Dewan had a night out at Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, which was a magical experience for the star. "That filled my tank so much," she told Glamour. "I was jumping around, dancing and singing like I was at a sleepover and 10 years old. She put on a three-and-a-half hour incredible show. That's just part of her magic. There's incredible music, but also it's fun and joyous. It lifts your energy, and it's healing in itself."


Baths With Essential Oils

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Dewan loves taking a nice hot bath to wrap up her day. "I use all kinds of essential oils, Epsom salt, and some lighted candles," she told Glamour. "The sage is going; it's a whole vibe for me at night in my baths. I love all my spiritual stuff, and I love meditating."


Rice and Hummus For Dinner


Dewan loves cooking middle-eastern based dishes for a healthy and filling dinner. "I'm part-Lebanese and I also really like making kabuli [Afghani rice] and tabbouleh," she told Well+Good. "I make tabbouleh with quinoa, parsley, mint, tomato, onion, olive oil, and lemon juice. I'll take warm pita bread and put tabbouleh, hummus, and tahini in there. I also love rice, so I do a lot of rice dishes, adding a lot of vegetables in them. That's a really good meal for me."


Pilates and Personal Trainer Sessions

Dewan switches up her workout routine depending on her work, but has a consistent routine for the most part. "My workout schedule varies depending on my schedule and if I'm preparing for a role, shoot, or something else coming up," she told Well+Good. "For the most part, I work out three or four times a week. My go-to workout is Pilates, which has really strengthened and toned my body in a way that makes me feel stronger than when I was dancing for ten hours a day. I also like cardio yoga. Sometimes, I work out with my trainer when I need to bulk up to get my muscles a little bigger. I get bored easily with workouts so I like to switch it up."

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