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Jess Glynne Shares Swimsuit Photo "On the Island"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Jess Glynne is a singer-songwriter known for songs like "Hold My Hand," "Thursday," and "Rather Be." Glynne recently enjoyed a trip to beautiful Ibiza, Spain, and shared highlights on Instagram. In them, she wore a red swimsuit top, white pants, a black shirt, and a green bucket hat. She captioned the post, "On the island." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Jess Glynne stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Takes Care Of Her Skin

Glynne broke down her skincare secrets with IntoTheGloss. "When I'm stressed, I get pimples. I didn't care that much about my face before, but I do now," she explained. "For skincare, I use my Clarisonic, a toner, and Roxanne Rizzo's Firming Face & Eye Serum. I have sensitive skin, and I was getting loads of blemishes as a reaction to all the different products I used. My skin was really bad. Roxanne Rizzo's products were the first things that really cleared it up. I even have the Mineral Mud Mask. It keeps my face from falling off."


She Builds Her Stamina

In an interview with Glamour, Glynne talked about how she balances her health with her career. She says that having stamina is important to getting through shows and tours. "Being in the industry I'm in, it's easy for people to get carried away with parties and getting drunk and whatever there is out there," says Glynne. "But as a singer, it's so important to be healthy and have a great stamina, and be hydrated.


She Works Out On Tour


Glynne tells Glamour that she makes sure to exercise while she's on tour.  "If I'm on the road, I make sure I get up in the morning and go for a jog or do some stomach stuff," she says. "Or when we're doing a sound test, do something around the venue. I can't always be that strict, but I try as much as I can. But after everything that's been going on [with the surgery] – I want to be fit and healthier."


She Eats Healthy


Glynne broke down her diet to Glamour. She says that she makes sure to eat healthy, but doesn't like to stress out about it too much. "I am 100% conscious of my diet. But I love chocolate. I'm not one of those people who says, 'I don't drink, and I just drink water, and I only eat green.'" Glynne says that one thing she does to be healthier is cutting out alcohol.


She's Evolved

Glynne talked about the process of writing her new album and how she's evolved as a person with "I've evolved as a human and as an artist. Five years is a long time, I've grown as a woman; I'm very different now in my mindset and self-security. I'm a little bit more emotionally intelligent. It doesn't sound like my [previous] two records; it's definitely more emotional…It's definitely a more vulnerable album. I've been doing a lot of work on myself over the past few years, I've been through a lot in my career and personal life. It's taught me a lot. I've grown, and I think the songs show what I've been through a little bit."

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