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Joan Smalls Shows Off Fit Figure "In My Element"

“In my element,” she captioned the Instagram Stories image.

Joan Smalls is red hot in her bathing suit. In a new mirror selfie the supermodel flaunts her fit figure, heating up social media in a major way. "In my element," she captioned the Instagram Stories image, which showed off both the front and back of her bathing suit. How does the model, 35, approach health and wellness? Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits. 


Cardio and Strength Training

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"Cardio is important," Joan told E! Online. "I've been doing 45 minutes [a day]—it's mostly resistance training with my own body. I'll do planks, I'll do different types of sit-ups, anything that's for my core because I have scoliosis," she added to The Daily. "I do a lot of glute work: kickbacks, squats, fire hydrants. Cardio, I'll do maybe three times a week. When I was in Puerto Rico, I'd run outside because it gave me a nice view to be outdoors and running in between palm trees."


Plant-Focused Eating


"Eat veggies, lots and lots of veggies," Joan told E! Online about her diet. "A good tip is to substitute some of the larger portions of what you love, and that's not always best for you, with more veggies." She added that because she is Puerto Rican, she doesn't believe in dieting. "It's in my blood to eat rice and beans, so I've learned to manage portions because you get to eat a little bit of what you absolutely love and crave." 


Eating Chocolate for "Instant Energy"


Smalls revealed to Harper's Bazaar what she grabs when she needs "instant energy" – and it might surprise you. "Chocolate. From a Snickers to Twix to Oreo cookies to fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, brownies—anything! I do not discriminate," she said.


Warm Water with Lemon


Joan told Vogue France that she starts her day with a popular hot beverage. "I start my day with a glass of warm water and lemon because it's so good for your digestion, your skin, and even for your metabolism," she says. 



Joan Smalls/Instagram

Joan is all about supplements. In her rotation? "Zinc, probiotics, vitamin D, a complex of vitamin Bs, a  powder called MSM [methylsulfonylmethane], and vitamin C."

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