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Julianne Hough in Black Two-Piece Sports Outfit Dances

Here's everything Julianne Hough eats to stay slim and healthy. 

Julianne Hough shows off her epic dance skills in a recent Instagram video promoting her dance platform Kinrgy. Wearing a stylish black top that's off the shoulder on one side and sheer black netted pants, Hough stands out as she dances with a group of others to Yendry's Ki-Ki. The Dancing with the Stars co-host keeps fit by dancing and working out, but diet is also key. Here's what the 35-year-old eats to stay healthy and in shape. 


She Drinks Lemon Water

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Hough breaks down what she eats in a day and kicks off her morning with lemon water. "The first thing that I do when I open my eyes, is I drink my lemon water that I've prepped the night before," she said. "And that usually consists of lukewarm temperature water with half of a lemon—and sitting overnight, really getting all of those juices flushed out in there," she explained. "The reason why I take it first thing in the morning is we've just been laying down, we're sleeping, and anything that was kind of left—residue from the night before—I can take that lemon water and feel like I'm cleaning my system out, starting with a fresh palette for the day."


She Drinks Celery Juice


Before working out, the TV personality has juice. "It kinda depends on what my morning routine looks like as far as my exercise, my breath work, my meditation. But usually, I find a way to do some sort of celery juice, or something that also gives me a little bit of sugar before I go do a quick workout," she said. "Or I'll do like, amino acids [vitamins] or something like that to give me that support, that energy that I'm looking for."


She Loves Soup and Salad for Lunch


For lunch, she sticks to a light meal and typically has homemade soup. "I love soup, and I'll usually make a lot so I can freeze it so I can have it throughout the week," Hough explained in the video. "I'm really big on variations, so I don't eat the same thing every day, but today I'm going to have a butternut squash soup." In addition to her vegan soup, she has a salad. [Today] I'm going to keep it really fresh with some asparagus, broccolini, beets, watermelon radishes, with some ginger on top over a bed of spinach," she said.


She Loves Indian Food for Dinner


One of her favorite meals is mung Dahl which she makes and pairs with gluten-free crackers. In addition, she has sides like sweet potatoes, asparagus, ginger, collard greens and spinach. "This is really nourishing, really yummy, I feel really full by the end of it," she said.


She's Vegan and Gluten-Free


Hough has a clean vegan and gluten-free diet and explained why she chooses the lifestyle. "I sound so L.A. right now," she said. "But it's because my body needs it. Because trust me, do I love flour, I love sugar, I love cookies, I love all the things. But I'm really just trying to focus on my health from the inside out."


She Eats in Moderation

Restricting yourself can lead to binge-eating and Hough doesn't deprive herself. Instead, she eats everything in moderation and encourages others to do so as well. "If I could give you any words of encouragement with what you eat, it's enjoy yourself, everything in moderation, and if you love your body and love what you're putting into your body, your body's gonna know," she said. "So if you're gonna have a drink, if you're gonna have a yummy sweet tooth, enjoy it. Take the pleasure in it."

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