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Julianne Hough Stuns in Swimsuits For "New Year"

Her favorite self-care ritual.

Julianne Hough is going into 2024 with good intentions and positive vibes. Hough, 35, shared an Instagram reel featuring highlights of her happiest moments, including stills of her relaxing in very cute swimsuits. "Setting my intentions for the new year, and I can't help but pause at the overwhelming sense of gratitude I hold for the moments of the year before and the moments ahead. It is easy to get caught up in the thief that is comparison, but when you pause and take a moment to reflect on the beauty found in the small moments, the art of life reveals itself. Sending light, love, and positive intentions to all✨🤍," she captioned the post. Here's what Hough's wellness, fitness, and happiness regimen looks like these days.


Holistic Wellness

Hough focuses on a holistic approach to wellness and beauty. "Skin is my number one priority in all of my wellness rituals," she tells Bustle. "Everything that I do is all about a holistic approach and sensory experience, because your senses are so important and that's what you create your memories with. It's so important to me to indulge in the pleasures, in the sensuality, and in the experience of what it feels like to take care of yourself. We rush throughout life and sometimes don't savor the moments. Something like [shaving] that can feel like a have to, now feels like a get to."


Sweating For Health and Beauty

Julianne Hough/Instagram

Hough feels complete after a good sweat session. "On the physical side, skin is my go-to for everything," she tells Bustle. "Whether that's hydrating with water, what I'm putting in my body, what I'm putting on my body — it's all the same for me. I am a big believer in [the idea] that you need to sweat to release those toxins. Whether that's Pilates or dance or yoga or cycling — I love variety, so it not only helps with my physical self, but it also helps clear my mind."


Eyebrow Tricks

Hough is an expert at doing her own makeup. "I darken my eyebrows with a pencil. I used to wax the arches, but now I'm letting them grow in. When I feel really makeup-artist-y, I actually get a paint palette and I draw on the eyebrow; it looks like natural hair coming out of my skin."


Wine With Nina Dobrev

Hough launched a clean wine company with actress Nina Dobrev, and says the experience has been wonderful. "We work with our winemaker, Jamey Whetstone, to create thoughtfully crafted wines—we pay close attention to every gram of sugar, calorie, and carb that goes into the process!" she tells New Beauty. "Nina and I both live such active lifestyles, so we created this wine with the intention of being able to enjoy these shared experiences and the work we put in, without the sacrifice. When you have great communication and a foundation of respect for one another, you get two different perspectives and are able to challenge each other in a way that just helps you be your best self. And that is what's been incredible about working with Nina."


Mental Health Rituals

Hough prefers mornings over evenings for self-care rituals. "I usually wake up with anxiety [thinking] of all the things I need to do — so I'll write my morning pages so I can have a 'brain dump' of all the chatter that happens, and all of a sudden I have all of this space in my head and I can come from a place of creativity," she tells Bustle. "Energetically and emotionally, that's one of my biggest [rituals]. I usually find [that I enjoy] energizing things in the morning, and then the regulating [habits] at night — like breathwork, meditation, drinking really soothing teas, or taking a bath and just [rinsing off the day]."

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