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Karishma Tanna In Two-Piece Workout Gear Shows Off Yoga Moves

Tanna, 40, shared pictures of herself wearing black leggings and a sports bra.

Bollywood star Karishma Tanna previously referred to herself as a "fitness freak" who is happiest after doing a complete workout, and clearly she is still in that mindset. Tanna, 40, shared pictures of herself wearing black leggings and a sports bra, doing yoga on a mat in a big, empty fitness studio. She also swears by weight training and regular cardio sessions to stay fit and strong—here's what the rest of Tanna's wellness regimen looks like these days.


No Breakfast

Tanna is not a fan of eating early in the day. "I do not like to stuff myself at breakfast. Contrary to popular belief which says that one should have a heavy breakfast to pull through the day, I believe that it makes you lethargic," she told DNA India. "Hence, I prefer to have only a glass of milk and a banana or a mango for breakfast. At times, I have south-Indian fare like upma or idlis, but that's rare."


Simple Skincare

Tanna's skincare routine is low-key yet effective. "I have a simple, fuss-free skincare routine and I also keep trying out DIY masks that really help with my skin health," she told Cosmopolitan. "On top of that, luckily I am also blessed with good skin courtesy my mother who has amazing skin! I begin my day with splashing some rose water on my face after waking up. It smells amazing and instantly rejuvenates me. Then, I proceed to do my workout. After all that I apply my sunscreen and vitamin C serum. I mix and apply both. The serum really helps with dark spots and pigmentation while sunscreen is super important even though many people think that it's applied only when you are out in the sun. You NEED sunscreen in all the seasons."


Fitness and Family

Tanna refers to herself as a "fitness freak" who loves cardio and weight training. In her spare time she relaxes with friends and family. "I'm a complete workaholic," she told Times of India. "Work gives me utmost satisfaction and keeps me happy. But it doesn't mean I stay away from everything. I make it a point to stay close to my family and friends. Music, catching up with friends and family get-togethers make me extremely happy."


Aloe Vera and Olive Oil


Tanna makes her own face masks from home ingredients. "Sometimes I use gel from my aloe vera plant on my face," she told Cosmopolitan. "I refrigerate it and use the cool gel on my face for 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off. My favorite DIY scrub is mixing coffee powder with sugar and olive oil on my whole body. But the best dadi ka nuska is using turmeric, yogurt and lemon as a mask for clear skin."


Home Cooking

Tanna eats at home as much as possible, as she believes—and this is backed up by research—that home cooking is healthier than eating out, for the most part. "When cooking, you're a part of the meal process from start to finish — the grocery store to the plate. It makes you far more in tune with the food you're putting into your system," nutritional counselor Sarah Jacobs, cofounder of the Wellness Project NYC, tells Aetna.

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