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Kate Hudson In Workout Gear Says "It's Aries Season"

Here’s her “post April eclipse workout."

Kate Hudson will be 45 on April 19, and she's celebrating the whole month through. Hudson shared a video of herself wearing blue sweatpants and a lilac sports bra, dancing with pink dumbbells for a "post April eclipse workout" at her home gym. "Aries season ♈️ #eclipse," she captioned the post. "Love it!!❤️" commented Camila McConaughey. Hudson is constantly evolving when it comes to her health and fitness—here's what her wellness regimen looks like these days.


Plant-Based Supplements

Hudson is thrilled her mostly plant-based supplement brand InBloom is thriving. "In terms of my nutrition routine, since I've been in this space and because I'm so passionate about accessing and sharing new information, it's always changing," she told New Beauty. "Constantly, constantly changing. Which is why, as a brand, we always talk about 'where do you go next?' I work with some of the best blood doctors who are looking at exosomes and all these crazy new things that are happening, and I love it. But, all of that doesn't matter if you don't have a good foundation. You still need your basic greens and your basic vitamins. You still need your D2, your D3, you need your protein."


Workouts and Pole Dancing

Hudson loves Pilates, Tracy Anderson, Barry's bootcamp workouts, cross country skiing, and more. "I still pole dance," she told Shape. "For me, that's like the strongest body, and I enjoy that because I can just play music and dance. When I feel really strong, I'm usually doing more tricks [on the pole]. I'm very active, so I hike all the time."


Natural Beauty

Hudson keeps her makeup routine low-key unless she really wants to make a statement. "My approach to beauty is pretty natural," she told Into the Gloss. "I have my moments, like if I'm going out, I'll just do a little more on the eye, just do a little bit more, but I'm not a big makeup person. If I want to go crazy, I love strip lashes. I love a thick, sort of '60s strip lash. It didn't take me a long time to figure out how to apply them. Some people have to cut them down, it's a whole thing… But a big heavy falsie lash is just so great."


The Privilege of Movement

Hudson considers movement and activity the ultimate privilege. "When people are like, 'What's your best day?' It always includes something active because I actually have time to enjoy it," she told Shape. "I have to move…Sitting is not, to me, a luxury. And I think that's a privilege to be able to be living and feeling strong and healthy. And so I don't ever want to take that for granted."


The Art of Play

Hudson is inspired by her children to remember the importance of play. "I was thinking recently about what words we forget sometimes as we get older, and I think one big one is play," she told New Beauty. "I was watching my little little girl on the playground, and all these kids were doing this thing on the swing, where they put their tummy down and turn a bunch of times, and then lift their legs and just spin like crazy, and I was like, 'I want to do that.' In my mind I was just thinking 'why don't we do that?' And then I went and I did it. It was so insane, and I laughed so hard. I made every adult at the park do it. We need to play more!"

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