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Katherine Schwarzenegger In Workout Clothes Hikes the "Great Outdoors"

She’s on vacation with Chris Pratt.

Katherine Schwarzenegger is enjoying a family vacation in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Schwarzenegger, 34, shared pictures of the group trekking by a beautiful lake, including one snap of herself wearing leggings and hat, posing with husband Chris Pratt. "The great outdoors 🐿️🌲🪺⛰️," she captioned the post. Here's how the busy mom-of-two stays healthy, happy, and full of energy.


Overnight Oats


Schwarzenegger usually has overnight oats or banana pancakes for breakfast. "I grew up with both of my parents being really great examples of [healthy eating]," she told Women's Health. "I grew up in the world of health and fitness but it was also about being able to enjoy food and to be active. I try to be somebody who works out and is able to have fun with food. My mornings can be really jam-packed, so I like to have quick and easy breakfast meals on hand that I can grab and go."


Healthy Snacks

Schwarzenegger enjoys light salads for lunch. "For any lunch, I do something pretty light and easy most of the time," she told Women's Health. "I usually eat a salad… I've always felt that once you have veggies cut and a dipping option in your refrigerator, you have an easier time snacking healthily,"


Early Dinner

Schwarzenegger usually eats an early dinner because of her kids. "I always like to have some sort of protein, like salmon or chicken, in the evening," she told Women's Health. "Stuffed mushrooms are really great. They're super yummy and a healthy option to incorporate. I like to pop them in the oven because they're easy; I'm not an expert when it comes to cooking."


Therapeutic Journaling


Schwarzenegger loves journaling for her mental health. "As I've gotten older, I have found journaling to be so therapeutic," she told New Beauty. "It's kind of why I got into writing books. It's a really great way to be able to flush out thoughts, take inventory of what's going on in your life and be able to go back and read about different times. I remember journaling through my first breakup in high school, and I can't wait to share that with my kids, or even look back on it now and chuckle."


Outdoors Exercise

Katherine Schwarzenegger/Instagram

Schwarzenegger loves being outdoors with her family. "Whether it's going outdoors on a walk with my daughter or doing a class at the gym, moving my body is very important to me and helps me feel good in my day," she told Maria Shriver in a New Beauty interview. "I also drink lots of water, especially when I was pregnant, and I go to bed early and wake up early." 

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