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Kendall Jenner Shares Swimsuit Photo Causing Khloe to Say "Oh My Lord!"

Here are the supermodel’s go-to lifestyle habits. 

Kendall Jenner is starting the year off hot – in her swimsuit. In a recent social media post the supermodel flaunts her amazing figure in a tiny bathing suit, eliciting a major reaction from her famous sisters. "HOT," commented Kylie. "Oh my lord! Happy new year to all of us," wrote Khloe, while Kim left behind six fire emojis. How does the 28-year-old approach health and fitness? Celebwell rounded up her top lifestyle habits.


Strength Training

Kendall works out with Gunnar Peterson and has also trained with Revenge Body and Beach Body trainer Autumn Calabrese, who told Us that she trains three to four times a week for an hour at a time. "I prefer to work out in the morning," Jenner revealed in a 2016 interview with Harper's BAZAAR U.S. "To stay toned, I do a lot of ab work with my trainer, Gunnar Peterson,




Kendall added to Bazaar: "Occasionally I'll take a kickboxing class." Harvard Health maintains that boxing is a great way to build strength, improve balance, posture, hand-eye coordination, boost mood and endurance, and helps increase alertness. 


Healthy Eating

Kendall Jenner/Instagram

Kendall maintains a healthy diet. "Most of the time lunch is really quick. I typically eat lean chicken and brown rice, and am always snacking on raw veggies with dip and hummus. I wish I had more time to do grocery shopping because I like picking out my own vegetables," she told Bazaar. "If I'm lucky, dinner is a normal time, like 6 P.M. In L.A., I love Nobu for sushi or Craig's, where I order the vegan spaghetti Bolognese or Margherita pizza." She is also "obsessed" with frozen yogurt. "I could eat it every day, but I aim for twice a week to treat myself. I usually get the classic Tart flavor from Go Greek," she said. 



"I love running outside," Kendall told People. You can go on a run on a treadmill but it's really not the same. I used to be the most athletic kid. I was always outside. I was super outdoorsy running around in the mud and doing that kind of stuff. I don't do that ever [now]. You're always like stuck inside, you're always in a gym, or you're always in your phone or whatever. So to actually to get outside and run outside … I enjoy it."



Kendall makes sure to indulge in self-care. "To relax, a massage is always nice," she told Bazaar. According to the Mayo Clinic, studies support the many benefits of getting a regular rub down. These include stress reduction, lessening pain and muscle tightness, increased relaxation, and improved immunity. 

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