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Kendall Toole in Two-Piece Workout Gear is Leaving Peloton

"I’m choosing to close my chapter at Peloton."

Kendall Toole is leaving Peloton and going out on her own. In a new Instagram video shared on Thursday she announced that she is ready for the "next chapter," and will be leaving the mega fitness brand. "It's with great consideration and many, many, many hours of reflection, but I'm choosing to close my chapter at Peloton," Toole said. "Thank you, Peloton, for this incredible, life-changing opportunity. I will forever be grateful for this life experience and transformation and personal growth that this has been for me." 


She Has One Food Rule


Toole told Women's Health she has a "never say never" mentality when it comes to food. Her biggest rule is that she wants to be able to pronounce everything in the ingredients list. "[Eating] is never something that we need to label as good or bad. I hate the concept of 'clean eating' and 'dirty,'" she says. "It's not one or the other. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a mozzarella stick. I love me a frickin' mozzarella stick."


Food Is "Self-Care"

Toole also believes that food can be food for your mental health. "Food is one of the most beautiful forms of self-care we can give ourselves," Kendall tells Women's Health. 



When Kendall was in college she developed an autoimmune response that caused her body to react badly to ingredients such as gluten, dairy, soy, yeast, shellfish, pork, red grapes, strawberries, and tomatoes. This led to her falling in love with cooking. "It became this exploration and kind of what started my interest in food, wellness, and nutrition, as well as fitness, because I was so frustrated," she said. 


Intuitive, Mostly Plant-Based Diet

Kendall eats mostly a plant-based diet. She also practices intuitive eating, paying attention to hunger cues. She also likes to eat foods as close to the source as possible, trying to get produce at farmers markets. 




Kendall starts her day with a smoothie made with orange juice, banana, coconut water, frozen pineapple, and greens. Sometimes she'll add ginger, or microgreens. "I grow them at home and they're so nutrient-dense," Kendall says. "They're like little baby powerhouses. I throw them in anything, since they have like five times the nutrient density of the mature actual vegetable."


Protein, Healthy Fats, Carbs

Kendall might have eggs, hash browns, and breakfast meat in the morning. "I want to have everything," she tells WH. "I want to have my protein. I want to have my healthy fat. I want to have my carbs because I know I have a big day ahead." For lunch she likes Asian chicken salad, which she will make with some air-fried paleo chicken nuggets greens, scallions, and edamame. She might also add wonton strips. "I'm a big crispy girl," Kendall says. "I'll sometimes add a nut mix of pistachios and cashews and almonds for healthy fat in there." She snacks throughout the day. "I'm always snacking," she says. A few of her go-tos are almonds and cheese or homemade hummus and pita. And dinner?  "I love to cook. So I go through all different things. I love trying new recipes," she says. One of her favorites is pistachio pesto grilled chicken coupled with roasted broccolini. She uses her air fryer a lot, cooking salmon and steak. "Air frying changed the game," she says. She also likes to switch it up. "Whether it's making shrimp skewers one night, a one-pan meal, or picking up something that's easy to kind of toss-up from the grocery store that I feel good with." 

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