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Kerry Katona in Workout Gear Says "Join Me On This Journey" After 48-Pound Weight Loss

She’s lost 48 pounds in one year—here’s how.

Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona is showing off the results of her incredible 48-pound weight loss on social media, and has every right to be proud of her progress. Katona, 43, spent a year working on her diet and fitness routine to get into the best shape of her life—and has nothing but encouragement for anyone else on the same path. Katona posted a picture of herself wearing bright leggings and a pink Nike shirt, glowing post-workout. "Exercise truly is the key to a great mindset, and it truly and utterly helps mental health, without a shadow of a doubt!!! Consistency is key rain or shine. Just keep moving forward, come and join me on this journey because you lot help me continue to grow and I wanna help you lot to continue to grow with positivity and love, let's go kick start this wicked Monday morning!!!" she captioned the post. Here's exactly how Katona lost 48 pounds and got in the best shape of her life.


Getting Out of a Rut

Katona overhauled her entire diet and fitness regimen and is thrilled with the results. "I've been calorie counting, exercising and doing MFIT workouts, which is mine and Ryan's [Mahoney] fitness platform," she told OK!. "It was always right at my fingertips, but I just wasn't using it as I should have. Now, I've really been sticking to it and have been doing some weight training too. I do yoga every morning and just 12 minutes a day makes such a difference. If you want to be a better person you need to step into it and get out of your rut. I do still need to tone up though. It's all well and good losing the weight, but I want to look toned now."


Smaller Portions, No Bread


Katona enjoys smaller portions now and is mindful of her carb intake. "I've given up a lot of carbs and cut out bread. If I want a snack, then I have tuna and rice with pesto – small portions like that," she told OK!. "Before, because I wasn't exercising, I would just be snacking on carbs and rubbish food. Now I still have normal food but just in smaller sizes. You can eat what you want, more or less, if you exercise."


Constantly Evolving


Katona spends her free time with family and friends, and learning new things. "I like my own time and I like learning," she told Heat World. "I think there's more to life than what there is now. I used to play chess! I'm really good at it. I was in the chess club at school."


No Drinking At Home

Katona enjoys the quiet life with fiancé Mahoney, and doesn't keep alcohol in the house anymore. "I couldn't think of anything worse than going out and having a drink," she told Heat World. "It doesn't entertain me. Don't get me wrong, I'll have a drink every now and again. I'll go on holiday and have a strawberry daiquiri by the pool, but I'm not a massive drinker. Ryan and I don't drink at home."


Gaining Confidence

Katona was inspired to lose the weight after battling emotional eating habits. Now, she is happier and feels more in control. "I just knew I was going to a bad place with my weight," she told OK!. "It was affecting my mood and I was projecting it onto other people. If you're not happy with yourself, other people can see. I had to get to the best version of myself. I don't lose weight for anyone but me and I'm happy when I'm fit and healthy. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't matter what size you are if you're happy, but I don't feel right when I'm bigger. I'm so much more confident now."

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