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Kim K Trainer Melissa Alcantara in One-Piece Bodysuit Asks "Yay or Nay?"

Here are her fitness and workout tips.

Health and fitness influencer and trainer Melissa Alcantara is asking fans what they think about her workout outfit. Alcantara, who is known for training Kim Kardashian, shared a selfie of herself posing in front of a mirror, wearing a black one-piece bodysuit from SECONDLEFT. "One piece yay or nay?" she captioned the post. "You look like a Marvel character 😍," a fan commented, much to Alcantara's appreciation. Here's how the celebrity trainer takes care of herself while helping take care of others.


Coffee and Intermittent Fasting


Alcantara wakes at 4 a.m. every morning and starts her day with coffee and reading a chapter from Living a Life of Awareness: Daily Meditation on the Toltec Path by Don Miguel Ruiz. Alcantara practices intermittent fasting, so she doesn't have her first meal until noon. "I like to fast during the day because I tend to eat more late at night, when I get especially hungry," she told CNBC.


Training Kim, Then Herself

Alcantara trains Kim Kardashian from 6-8 a.m., then heads to the gym for her own workout. Her typical workout is an hour of strength training. Instead of grueling cardio sessions at the gym, Alcantara walks as much as she can. "I usually do legs twice a week or every three days," she told CNBC, "but it's usually the same thing every week. I try to walk 10,000 steps a day. That's pretty much my cardio." 


Resistance Band Workouts

Alcantara is a big fan of resistance band workouts. "I actually have a set of my own bands," she told In The Know. "I love them. I've tried so many bands — you can just imagine — in my fitness career, but I do love bands [in] any form. You can create your own tension. I would say just get yourself a set of short and long bands so that you can do different things. Learn, watch, try them out, do stuff that — be creative, you know? And don't just wait for somebody to give you the answer."


Dominican Diet


Once Alcantara breaks her fast, her typical meals are fish/chicken with vegetables, beans, and rice, or eggs and toast. "I'm Dominican, so I like to keep my culture going," she told CNBC. She also drinks up to a gallon of water every day. "It sounds like a lot, and you'll likely spend more time in the bathroom than anywhere else, but you eventually get used to it. Drinking lots of water is one of the best things you can do for your body."


Accountability Buddy

Alcantara's advice for people trying to stay motivated for their fitness is to have an accountability buddy. "For the most part, that's what people ask me. It's like, 'How do you get motivated?' And it's like, OK, well, again, if I call my friend and I'm like, 'Hey, let's do this workout right now,' I mean, it's more probable that we are going to do that workout together," she told In The Know. "You don't want to let your other person down. You know what I mean? I think that that's one of the biggest issues that you come across, not having somebody to work out with."

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