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Krystle D'Souza in Ski Gear Says "Get Ready With Me"

Here’s how the star stays fit and healthy, and what she considers the best part of her physique.

Bollywood actress Krystle D'Souza is letting her 7.6 million Instagram fans and followers see exactly how she dresses for a day of adventurous exercise on the ski slopes. D'Souza, 33, shared a video of herself putting on her ski outfit, explaining why she chose each piece to hit the slopes. "#GRWM for my day1 at skiing 🎿," she captioned the post. Here's how the star stays fit and healthy, and what she considers the best part of her physique.


Yoga Sessions

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D'Souza saves the intense gym sessions for when she's not on set. "With hectic shoot schedules, I don't really get time to go to the gym," she told Times of India. "But working for so many hours helps in the workout. Maintaining your body is a lot of hard work. I believe in doing yoga and do Vajrasana for 20 minutes after every meal. I also do cardio exercise to lose fat.


Confident In Her Looks

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D'Souza overhauled her health and fitness regimen after being unhappy with appearance on screen. "I make an extra effort to look good," she told Hindustan Times. "If you have noticed, I have transformed in the past nine years. I have changed my diet, started wearing better clothes, and have been experimenting with the latest trends. I love style, clothes and makeup. That seems to have paid off. I also feel more confident when I look good."


Fueling Her Workouts

D'Souza doesn't believe in unhealthy fad diets, instead making sure to fuel her workouts with nutritious food. "I have a glass of hot water with honey and lime in it right after I wake up," she told Times of India. "I eat in small quantities every two hours and make it a point not to eat anything after 8 pm in the evening. Eating at regular intervals in small amounts and not starving yourself is the key to maintaining your figure."


Perfect Legs

D'Souza is proud of how strong and toned her legs are, humorously talking about how they are practically perfect. "I would say my legs would be my strength," she told Times of India. "I think I have the perfect legs. But seriously, my legs are long and athletic, so yes they would be my strong part."


Learning Hindi

D'Souza worked hard to learn Hindi for her movie career. "I made grammatical errors and would mug up the lines like a parrot. But now, I understand the dialogue," she told Hindustan Times. "I am fluent in Hindi. I understand emotions and have worked on my acting. Working non-stop also helped. When you are constantly around other professionals, you end up learning and growing. I have matured as a person too. Because of that, I can emote better."

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