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Lais Ribeiro in Two-Piece Workout Gear Says "Be the Change"

Here is everything you need to know about her wellness routine. 

Lais Ribeiro wants to "be the change" in her exercise clothes. In a new social media post the supermodel shows off her amazingly fit figure in a two-piece workout ensemble, being announced as the Be the Change wellness activation host.  "So beautiful girl," commented one of her followers. How does the model approach health and wellness? Here is everything you need to know about her routine. 



Lais is a Pilates girl. "When you are injured but still trying to train like an angel 😜 Thank you for your help @justingelband4u," she captioned a photo of herself on a reformer. Why is pilates a good workout? According to the Mayo Clinic there are lots of benefits to the workout, as it "strengthens the body's inner core while increasing its flexibility resulting in improved overall health. It can also promote longer, leaner muscles, injury prevention, relief from stress and back pain, enhanced athletic performance, and heightened mind-body awareness.


She Works Out Daily

"I focus best on my mental and physical well-being by regularly exercising. I like to do strength training and lift weights with my husband. I always make sure to keep my routine whenever I'm not traveling. After I drop the kids off at school, I go straight to work out. I turned my garage into a gym and workout at home with my trainer," Lais told Medium. "Working out daily helps release endorphins that affect my mood. I love being outside as much as possible, and getting some sun always boosts my energy. I always feel so good after working out or being in the sun."


She Takes Saunas and Ices

Lais engages in hot and cold therapy. "After my workouts, I like to get in the sauna and ice," she told Medium. 


She Consumes Lots of Fruits and Veggies

Lais eats clean. "Eating proper nutrition is very important when maintaining a healthy and happy body. Despite my busy schedule, I make sure to get my body the nutrition it needs with a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains," she told Medium. "In the mornings, the first thing I do is make green juice. You get all sorts of vitamins and minerals. It also helps with my digestive system and boosts my energy," she told Medium. 


She Gets Enough Rest

"The amount of sleep you get during the night completely controls the type of day you will have. A bad night's sleep can leave you with no energy and a bad mood. As I've gotten older, I've realized how important sleep is. It gives my body time to recover and recharge for the next day," she told Medium.


She Prioritizes Self-Care

Self-care is "vital for your mental wellness," Lais says. "It helps reduce any stress and helps prevent burnout. Self-care can be so many different things, from meditation and getting exercise to journaling and pampering yourself. It's important to find what best fits you and helps you the most. Balancing a career and being a mom can be very hard at times, so I always make time for the self-care that best works for me."

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