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Lala Anthony In Black Workout Gear Shows Impressive Basketball Skills

Here are her fitness tips.

Actress and TV star Lala Anthony is hitting the basketball court and showing off her (very impressive) moves. Anthony, 41, shared a video of herself wearing black leggings, a sweatshirt, and black sneakers, making impressive moves even with incredibly long fingernails (the woman is clearly talented). Anthony is getting fitter and more fabulous with each year that passes—aside from scoring all those baskets, here's how she stays strong and full of energy.


Cardio and Boxing


Anthony enjoys a variety of workouts, combining high-intensity with strength-building exercises. "As far as workouts are concerned, I love cardio and getting on the bike," she told EatingWell. Spinning is definitely my thing. I love boxing, too. Too much of one thing can get boring, so I try to do a couple different types of exercise. I'm trying to do more Pilates and yoga. It hasn't totally grabbed me yet since it's a little slow for my personality. I'm from New York and I'm always like 'go, go, go.' Slowing down a little bit is what I need to do anyway, so I definitely want to venture into that yoga and Pilates space." 


Rice Water For Hair

Anthony swears by her own Inala hair complex for beautiful tresses. "It has a 100% rice water complex and I use it every day, morning and night on my hair to strengthen it and grow my hair," she told Byrdie. "Rice water is a miracle worker, in my opinion, and we created an incredible product around it, so I use it all the time."


Lots of Seafood

Anthony enjoys protein-packed meals, especially with shrimp and fish. "For breakfast, I am a cereal person and always have been," she told EatingWell. "I love Special K. They have so many flavors that I'm into. It's a great breakfast to get you going and get your energy up. When it comes to lunch, I love seafood. It could be a shrimp salad or a taco with shrimp with vegetables. For dinner, I love Spanish food, or a nice piece of fish with veggies. Baked chicken with sweet potato is another one. Again, I try not to go too crazy but those are some of my typical meals."


Thorough Skin Cleanse

Anthony works long days but one thing she never skips is her evening cleansing ritual. "For me, it's just continuously reminding myself to take off my makeup at night," she told Byrdie. "I am a culprit of not always doing that [despite] understanding how that is not good for your skin. Sometimes I'm getting in from set at 3, 4, 5 in the morning. As a person who's on TV and gets my makeup done all the time, I have to remind myself, no matter how tired I am, to take my makeup off, wash my face, tone, and [apply] whatever night cream and eye cream."


Meal Prep Queen

Anthony sticks to a healthy diet by bringing her own food to set. "Whether it's meal prepping or having snacks that I need ready, it's always about preparation," she told EatingWell. "It's better for me on set and in my day-to-day life. Whenever I leave things up to whatever will happen, that's when it doesn't work for me. But also, you want to live, have fun and enjoy great food, too. I think that's part of life and everybody should have that."

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