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Lara Álvarez in Two-Piece Workout Gear Has "Party for the Body"

"Result: Friday pal body party."

Lara Álvarez is having a little fun – in her workout clothes. In a new social media post the spanish journalist and television host shows off her flat abs in a two-piece exercise set while breaking a sweat. "And the intention was to do yoga … but the full moon has me with energy through the air and my beautiful @vanessasikale adapts to everything because it's off-road. Result: Friday pal body party," she captioned the Instagram post. How does she approach diet, fitness, and self-care? Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits.



Lara works out not just for "the body" but "the mind!" she tells El Mundo. She says that "having a routine, a consistency" is what made her "return to calm" and helps with her mental health. "I'm very nervous. My head doesn't stop. The only time I can truly disconnect is the hour and a half I spend on it. At first I chose fitness routines on my own, especially with machines at the gym. And I kept thinking about it, I didn't listen to the music or concentrate on anything," she says. Her go-to workout? "Boxing made me focus, because I either did it or I lost it. [Laughs]. It has helped me so much that instead of a routine it has now become a necessity. It is what means that for my head only the specific objective of that moment exists," she says. 



Lara meditates "every day," she told El Mundo. "The self-knowledge part completes all of what we talk about about nutrition, exercise, the soul… We are a whole. What we eat. What we feel. What we say. Everything is connected in a very deep way. The part of how you talk to yourself and how you focus on what surrounds you also marks your health. If you are not well mentally, the body physically does not work no matter how much you want to push it. I believe that the success of good health is having it inside and out."


Traveling with Workout Equipment


Lara travels with her workout equipment. "The first thing I put in the suitcase was my complete equipment. I have a step [portable box], the kettlebell [kettlebell], a TRX [belts for suspension training], my dumbbells… If I know that I am going to be working in a fixed place, like Cádiz or before in Honduras, I I set up my gym and do my routines," she tells El Mundo. 




Lara makes sure to get enough sleep. "Today I sleep six hours and I'm full. It already seems like a luxury to reach those six. Furthermore, I am an early riser and very diurnal. I live the morning since 7 when I take Lúa and Noah out. Since the loves of my life, the furry ones, are in it, it's not that they adapt to me, it's that I adapt to them. For me it is essential that wherever I go they are well received. And I have the most pampering grandparents in the world. That is a huge peace of mind for me," she told El Mundo. 


Clean Eating with One Cheat Day

Diet, and "learning to eat," is crucial, says Lara. "Generate stability in the nutrition you take. And there are things that don't compensate me even if I have my whims. I make the famous cheat meal : clean food regularly and one day off a week. Above all, nutrition is knowing what suits you and having a balance. After hiring nutritionists and trainers at specific times in my life, I have managed to reach him with my own experience," she told El Mundo. 


Three to Four Workouts Per Week

Lara trains about every other day. "At least an hour three days a week and sometimes I manage to make it four. For me it is a necessary time. I try to mix strength and cardio training with a little mobility, even if it's just stretching in the morning for a few minutes," she says.