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Lara Spencer in Workout Gear Hits the Tennis Court

“My partner and I like to coordinate our outfits..and our power tools."

Lara Spencer is a very successful TV host. She's best known for being one of the hosts of Good Morning America. She was also one of the hosts of The Insider. Spencer recently hit the tennis court with a friend. She shared a photo of the two of them on Instagram recently. Spencer captioned the post, "My partner and I like to coordinate our outfits..and our power tools. Court still a little wet but those puddles…..didn't stand a chance." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Lara Spencer stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Eats Healthy

Spencer makes sure to eat a healthy diet.  "I eat what I want, in moderation," she told Parade. "I gravitate toward fresh veggies and clean foods, thankfully, but I am also a sucker for a cupcake every once in a while. I make sure to eat lots of kale, broccoli, blueberries, strawberries and spinach."


She Swims

Spencer shared some of her favorite workouts in her interview with Parade. She says that one thing she likes to do is swim. "I enjoy swimming laps—it's a great workout and also allows me to get into a meditative state so it's very relaxing. I love the quiet and the rhythm of swimming. I do it quite a bit in the summer, but not very much in the winter."


She's Positive

Spencer is all about positivity. "I am a very happy, optimistic person," she said to Parade. "It is just who I am and always have been. I think that comes from being part of a family that was big on praise for a job well done. My mom and dad always made the most of each day, and taught us (my siblings and me) to do the same. I am a big proponent of always looking at the glass half full, rather than half empty. I think that outlook on life has kept me healthy and happy, both mentally and physically."


She Hikes


Spencer loves to go on hikes. Sometimes, she likes to take her dogs with her. Spencer shared this photo on Instagram of herself going on a hike with her dogs. She captioned the photo, "Thank you @k9trek for the baby steps your hikes have provided for these two unlikely sisters, connected because we rescued them both–4 years apart. They are growing to love each other with each adventure you take them on. Thank you Ray and Mel!!!!!!"


She Plays Tennis

As you can see from her recent Instagram post, Spencer likes to play tennis. She talked about this in her Parade interview. "I play tennis year round. I am on a USTA team and just got bumped up to a 4.0 rating so I am really excited. As a former athlete, I love the competition. I play both singles and doubles and would play every day if I could! I wish I had known about tennis as a kid. Unlike platform diving, it's a sport I can play for the rest of my life."

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