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Leana Deeb in Workout Gear Shares "Glute Workout"

Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle routine – and the details of her workout

Leana Deeb is sharing a new workout with her followers. In a new social media post the Palestinian-Uruguay creator gets her sweat on in exercise clothes while treating her 5 million followers to a new workout video. "GLUTE WORKOUT," she captioned the post. "Nice! The incorporation of supersets and stability ball hamstring curls adds a great variety and challenge. 🔥 This glute workout is absolutely fantastic!" commented fellow fitness influencer Alexia Clark. Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle routine – and the details of her workout. 


Here is Her Glute Workout

The workout is divided into three supersets:

superset #1

1.a Barbell box squat 3×8-10 reps

1.b SL hip thrust 3×8-10 reps per leg

superset #2

2.a Barbell reverse lunge 3×8-10 reps per leg

2.b Barbell stationary marches 3×15-20 reps

3.stability ball hamstring curls

4×5-8 reps


Healthy Diet and Meal Prep

Leana Deeb maintains a healthy diet and meal preps. She regularly shares "what I eat in a day" posts on social media. She revealed to USA Today that she loves cilantro, raw chicken breast, turkey bacon, protein bagels, salt and vinegar chips, and dark chocolate. "You have to have a sweet side sometimes," she said. 


Mental Health

Leana maintains that the mental health aspect of exercise is just as important as the physical. "The work ethic that I had in the gym is that I was there to transform my body, but it was also like I was fighting my demons. I was going through a lot mentally, and the gym was my safe space," she told USA Today. 



After gaining a social media following fast and inspiring millions of people on TikTok, where she has 12.1 million followers, she started feeling empty. This is when she started journaling, practicing gratitude, and launching her journal, Uplift You.


Changing Her Life

In one post she revealed "5 things that have changed my life." She wrote: "I literally used to be the most lazy person ever, if I changed so can you," going on to list the 5 changes she made. 

  1. Physical activity
  2. Nutrition
  3. Who you surround yourself with matters
  4. Create a sustainable routine
  5. Fix your sleeping pattern
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