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LeAnn Rimes In Workout Gear Has "Incredible Experience" In Sydney

“We did the thing!"

Country star LeAnn Rimes just checked a huge event off her bucket list—and she's sharing the pictures on her social media. Rimes, 41, is visiting Australia with husband Eddie Cibrian, and the pair are staying active even on vacation. The singer shared a picture of herself and Cibrian both wearing climbing gear, posing on a famous landmark. "We did the thing! Climbed the Sydney Harbour bridge today. Thank you @bridgeclimb for an incredible experience!! It was magical! #sydneyharbour #sydneyharbourbridge #sydneyharbourbridgeclimb #sydney🇦🇺," she captioned the post. Here's what Rimes' approach to health and wellness looks like in her 40s.


Home Cooking

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Rimes enjoys cooking at home for her family. "I love going grocery shopping, and can spend hours walking around, finding new food," she told the Daily Mail. "Then, when I'm at home, I go through Pinterest and find recipes. Cooking is more of a creative process for me. I'm not a huge prepper. I do love putting things together and seasoning – the whole process. But if there's one part I don't love, it's all that chopping.


SoulCycle and Hiking

Rimes works out at least four times a week. Her exercise routine includes SoulCycle, hiking, and walks around the neighborhood with husband Eddie Cibrian. "When I first met him, he was not the healthiest eater at all," she told Us Weekly. "But I think I've gotten him over on my team… I take a jump rope with me everywhere I go. So it's easy to do and easy to do bodyweight workouts in my dressing room."


Holistic Health

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Rimes has a holistic approach to health and wellness. "Wellness as a whole is really important to me because it is who and what we are," she told "It allows me to do my job and show up in a different way as a whole human. We have this one vessel that we have to take care of and every little piece counts. We are just now getting used to talking about those parts of us that have been kind of taboo, like energetic health and mental health. Luckily it's now all becoming more mainstream."


Fancy Mac and Cheese


Rimes' favorite comfort meal is mac and cheese. "There's a place in Los Angeles called Erewhon, which is a really posh grocery store," she told the Daily Mail. "They make this gluten-free mac and cheese and it's so good. When I'm in need of something really comforting, I get a little tub of that. Heaven."


Health Over Looks

Rimes is focused on more than just her appearance in her 40s. "In my 20's, it was all about how I looked," she told JOOVV. "Now, it's more about how I feel and the rest falls into place. In my 20's I didn't think about the whole picture, but now, I approach health and wellness from all angles… the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical are all equally important. As I inch closer to 40, my focus is on setting myself up for the most vibrant future possible."

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