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Lexi Thompson in Workout Gear is Ready to "Get 2024 Season Started"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Professional golfer Lexi Thompson is getting ready for the 2024 season by hitting the gym. Thompson, 28, shared a picture of herself wearing shorts and a talk top, using a cable machine. "Few more days before heading out to get the 2024 season started 👊🏼💪🏼," she captioned the post. "You are a rock star in the gym Lexi," a fan commented. Thompson is the youngest golfer to qualify for the U.S. Women's Open—here's what her training and wellness regimen looks like.


Cardio and Strength Training

Thompson works out twice a day to stay competition-ready. "I'm not one to ever give my secrets away, however, the importance of weight training and cardio has been a major aspect of my life," she told Modern Luxury Palm Beach. "I eat healthy all the time and include lots of protein. I try to make sure everything is balanced with my training regimen."


Fitness First

Fitness is very important for Thompson, during both tournaments and the off season. "Weeks out on the LPGA Tour can sometimes be long and strenuous," she told Athleisure Magazine. "I often arrive to a golf tournament on Monday of tournament week with two practice rounds prior to the first round of competition. When I'm at home, I work out twice in the gym daily. I always like to work out in the morning as I am an early riser and typically will do cardio later in the day… During my off-season you'll most likely find me in the gym. Fitness is an extremely important part of my routine and has become an extremely important part of my overall life."


Consistent Routine


Thompson has a consistent routine for tournaments. "My routine is extremely important to my success on the golf course," she told Athleisure Magazine. "Prior to leaving for a tournament, I typically play multiple rounds of golf at my home course before leaving. I try to put the least amount of stress on my body during a tournament week, so I am prepared to go for round one and maintain my energy through the final round. By keeping a consistent routine, I am able to perform at the highest level consistently."


Skincare Line

Lexi Thompson/Instagram

Thompson was inspired to create her beauty line Lexi Skin after spending years in the sun for golf. "Skincare has always been a passion of mine," she told Athleisure Magazine. "Playing golf and outdoor sports my whole life, I have had a ton of sun exposure. I have really had to learn how to protect my skin and as I have become a little older, prevent it from premature aging. I was introduced to Dr. Arthur Swift and Dr. Stewart Davis, and together we have developed unique anti-aging skin care products that are highly effective and priced appropriately for active women like me."


LPGA Founders Award

Thompson won the 2023 LPGA Founders Award and is dedicated to her fans. "I'm very focused on my golf game as well. But I love to give back and see the fans out there and interact with all volunteers. That's how my mom raised me," Thompson told Sarah Kellam. "I always just try to make somebody else's day better or put a smile on their face over myself. Could be a blessing and a curse, but honestly, it makes me feel better about myself if I make somebody else happier. That's what we're all trying to do. We're trying to grow the game and LPGA."

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