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Lizzie Cundy in Workout Gear Says "Keep Going"

“Waiting for the postman…My Valentine’s bikini.”

Lizzie Cundy is one of the UK's most well-known celebrities. She shared a stunning photo on Instagram this week for Valentine's Day. In it, she braved the rain, and wore a swimsuit with a rainbow heart spilt between the top and bottom. She captioned the post, "Waiting for the postman…My Valentine's bikini." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Lizzie Cundy stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Works Out Regularly

Cundy shared some of her wellness secrets with Women Fitness. "I need to go to the gym more than ever," she says. "As we get older, you notice changes, but I'm lucky as I've always tried to keep fit and not let myself go. I try to do at least half an hour /40 minutes each morning, light weights, sit ups and squats.. I always go first thing in the morning and this definitely gives me energy for my busy day ahead!"


She Eats Healthy

Cundy shared her diet in her Women Fitness interview. "I follow a gluten free diet, lots of protein and not too many carbs! I love snacking though and always carry almonds in my handbag with me if I feel my energy drop. But I do love a cold glass of white wine with ice!! It's always good to have warm water with lemon juice to start you off in the morning. I love yogurts, plenty of fruit and veg. I try not eat too many acidic foods but I do love a biscuit with my cuppa!!"


She's Confident

Cundy is all about having confidence in herself. She shared her secrets with Women Fitness. "I think everyone has parts of their body they would like to change, but my mum always told me not to compare yourself to others. So I don't!! When I'm doing a shoot I'm just comfortable in my own skin and always enjoy it.. Think that shows through in the photos!!"


She's Charitable

Cundy loves to work with charities. She tells Women Fitness, "I love doing charity work and it's a big part of my life. Even when I go to Barbados at Christmas with my family, I'm helping to organise the Simon Cowell dog charity event there! Sadly I have had many family members and friends pass away to cancer, cystic fibrosis and I lost my dear Dad to a stroke a few years ago so it's very important for me to give back. I've done many charity runs, hosted auctions and try and get as active as possible to help and give back. I'm an ambassador to many great causes and I really do wish more celebrities would help more as it really makes a difference to the charity."


She Bikes

Cundy likes to bike to stay in shape. She shared this photo on Instagram of herself on a ride. Cundy captioned the post, "On ya bike ! All inflated and ready to go ! Got my sunscreen, got my hat and lots of water." The Cleveland Clinic reports that biking has a lot of benefits. "Cycling can also improve balance. As you have to be in a specific position while riding an indoor or outdoor bike, it helps train your body to keep a better posture. If you're wanting to improve your coordination, cycling can help stabilize your core."

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