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Lottie Tomlinson's Amazing Body Secrets, as She Shares a Mirror Selfie

Here are 5 ways she stays in shape.

Lottie Tomlinson is white hot in her swimsuit. The Tanologist founder and sister of One Direction star Louis Tomlinson flaunts her fit figure in a white bathing suit in her latest mirror selfie, sending her followers into a major frenzy. "Your body girl," wrote one. "Beautiful," added another. How does the mom-to-be stay healthy and happy? Read on to see 5 ways Lottie Tomlinson stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Exercise Makes Her Happy

Dave Benett/Getty Images

"I think when I'm healthy and fit, I feel really confident in myself. It makes me feel like the best version of myself," Lottie told The Daily Mail. "Your mind is clearer, your skin is clearer and you just have so much more energy. It's a good base for everything else in life to just flow."


These Are Her Favorite Foods

Lottie loves sushi. She "could eat this for breakfast lunch and dinner," she wrote about a plate of sushi. Burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, cheese-covered french fries, oysters, and alcoholic beverages are just a few of the dietary splurges Lottie has shared via her Instagram account. 


She Boxes

Lottie fights for her hot body. The influencer is a big fan of boxing for fitness. She even takes group classes. "little box this morning with @myprotein @blok 🥊 #empowermentweek #strongertogether," she captioned this series of snaps. Harvard Health maintains that boxing a great way to build strength, improve balance, posture, hand-eye coordination, boost mood and endurance, and helps increase alertness. 


She Plays Tennis

Lottie is a fan of tennis. "I got the best teacher," she captioned a photo of herself, on the court with her boyfriend, model and former professional tennis player Lewis Burton. According to ACE Fitness it blends together cardio and aerobic exercise, as there is a lot of running around, and hand-eye coordination. "While tennis provides numerous health benefits—improved aerobic fitness and anaerobic endurance, muscular fitness (grip strength and endurance), flexibility, multiple skill parameters (balance, speed, agility and quickness), reactivity, and power—it also is psychologically demanding," they say. 


She Goes to Therapy

Lottie turned to therapy to help her get through the dark time after the death of her mother to cancer and her sister to an accidental drug overdose. "I decided I was going to try therapy, and I'm so grateful for that decision. It has made such a difference to my life, and my grief has been a totally different experience," she told OK. "Therapy means I get an hour to sit and divulge all my feelings whenever I need to. It is my time to talk about my mum and sister. I feel a lot lighter after a session."


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