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Love Island's Francesca Allen Shares Swimsuit Photo of How She Stays in Shape

Here are her top health habits.

Francesca Allen is answering all your questions in her swimsuit. In a few new social media posts the Love Island stunner flaunts her amazing figure in a few bathing suits while answering her follower's burning questions in a Q & A. "I try to stay as consistent as I can be," she revealed in one of them, asking about her approach to staying in shape. What else does she do to stay in shape? Celebwell rounded up her top lifestyle habits. 


Everything in Moderation

In one of her latest Instagram Stories Francesca reveals that takes the "everything in moderation" approach to diet. "Breakfast is eggs with sourdough, smashed avocados and chillies on top, or I'll have soya yoghurt with fruit. For lunch sometimes I'll have a salad but, if I'm in a rush, I'll have a few slices of banana loaf and a coffee. In the evening, I eat fish and roasted veg, like sweet potatoes, parsnips, red onions, mushrooms and broccoli," she added to Closer. She also does juice shots. "I'll also have a turmeric, grapefruit and ginger shot every day." 



Francesca is a yogi. "Recently I've been doing yoga which I never liked in the past," she revealed to Heatworld. "I've always done quite high-intensity things such as running, HIT training or boxing, but since lockdown and with me being home a lot, I've been doing yoga before bed and it just makes me sleep a lot easier. A lot of the time, when I lie in bed, I can just be thinking of loads of things I need to do tomorrow and doing yoga before bed really helps."


Healthy Lifestyle

Francesca Allen/Instagram

In her new post, she also revealed that she experienced a "lifestyle change more than anything" and that she is the "happiest" she has ever been as a result. "It was mad. But I'm back with a bang. I had to look inside," she said in an Instagram Story on how she overcame online abuse and lost 30 pounds. "My personality was getting commented on and abused but there's only so much a girl can take. Like even me doing my accents that was wrong…"


Enjoying Exercise

Francesca Allen/Instagram

In the same video, "This glow is coming from the inside," Francesca denied claims that she was editing her photos and instead attributed her new look to her newfound enjoyment in exercise. "I've had a couple of people messaging me about my weight and saying I edit it my photo. I'm like – hun – I've actually lost nearly 2st…So I am gonna look a bit different. I'd love to know how you're supposed to edit it your face or your body or any of those things in a video," she pointed out. "I feel like enlightened – which is the worst possible news I can use right now – I'm strong in myself and I have that strength in my body that I used to have like over two years ago. I just had lost love for training, I'd lost love myself"'


Exercise as a "Hobby"

Francesca Allen/Instagram

"I love training. It's my hobby," Francesca told New UK, revealing that she hits the gym three to four times a week. "I mostly do boxing and weights, and I love to run. It's amazing to put your earphones in and go for nice, long runs, especially in the forest." 

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