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Love Island's Montana Brown Shares Swimsuit Photo as "Hot Mum"

Montana Brown first made waves as a contestant on Love Island. She recently welcomed her first child, son Jude. Brown showed off her post-baby body on Instagram. In them, she posed in a two-piece swimsuit in the sun. Brown captioned the post, "Affirmation for the day: I'm a hot mum." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Montana Brown stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Does Regular Sessions With A Trainer


Brown shared some of her workout secrets in an interview with Healthista. She says that she does regular sessions with a trainer. "I try and work out three or four times a week," she says. "It's all pretty much weight training. I've got a PT [royal ballet trainer Alex Minor] and he always makes me do uphill sprints which is fun. Luckily we don't do them every session."


She Exercises Her Entire Body

Brown makes sure to workout her entire body. She tells Healthista, "We mix the sessions up, between legs and bum and then abs. But I never really work on anything else. I don't do my back and shoulders – I just don't want a big back or big shoulders…I try and do abs on every single session. And then I'll do calves on one day and then quads or glutes on the next session. I try not to work out my whole legs on the same day or I literally can't walk."


She Does Squats

Montana Brown/Instagram

Brown makes sure to workout her lower body. She tells Healthista that she does a lot of squats and squat-type exercises. "I do quite a lot of back squats at the minute. I do a lot of hip thrusts, all on the squat rack… I also do plyometric stuff like jumping squats off a box and lots of interval stuff which is a killer – it's giving me bad memories just thinking about it. And then I do a lot of weighted lunges."


She Uses A Resistance Band

Montana Brown/Instagram

Brown shared one of her favorite pieces of workout equipment in her Healthista interview. "I think everyone should have a resistance band," she says. "Especially if you're a girl, because it means that you don't always have to go to the weights section which I know can be a bit intimidating for people – ladies, you seriously need a resistance band."


She Has A Better Relationship With Herself

In this Instagram post, Brown talked about her previous struggles with body image, and how she managed to overcome it. "I now reflect on these times and feel gratitude that I've moved forward mentally and physically," Brown wrote in the caption. "I am feeling blessed for going through it because it has made me more self aware and it made me spend time on the self work which we all could do more of. I'm happy and feeling blessed with where I am at with my relationship with myself and I wanted to share that with you all 🖤 if you're feeling a similar way, that you don't like the way your body looks in the mirror for whatever reason, then show yourself some love and prioritise the relationship with yourself as it's the most important."

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