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Lucifer Star Tricia Helfer Shares Swimsuit Photo From Los Angeles

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Lucifer star Tricia Helfer took advantage of the Los Angeles climate to catch a little sun and get some well-earned rest. Helfer, who plays Charlotte on the show, shared a picture of herself relaxing on a sun lounger, posing in a pink ruffled bikini. "Little LA relaxation was in order," the 49-year-old captioned the post. Here's what the actress does to stay happy, healthy, and beautiful.


Her Workout Routine

Tricia Helfer/Instagram

Helfer's workouts consist of running on the treadmill, Pilates, and boxing. "I'm dying to try more kickboxing," she says. "I did study kickboxing briefly for a Battlestar Galactica fight scene, actually. And it's an insane workout. It's really good for toning your ass, thighs and hamstrings."


Less Is More Beauty

Tricia Helfer/Instagram

Helfer employs a less-is-more approach to beauty. "I've been pretty lucky with my skin," she says. "I never had a bad teenage phase and actually deal with breaking out more often now than when I was young. I almost never have facials or treatments of any kind. I know I should and I wish I did get around to it more, but I just never seem to find the time.  I do use a mask once in a while at home and I have a Crystalift microdermabrasion machine at home. It's not very strong, but I can tell a difference when I use it."


Skincare Routine


Helfer switches up her skincare products depending on climate and season. "In the summer or humid climates, I tend to use Nars Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Lotion, AquaGel Luminous Mask and Eye Cream Concentrate and Kiehl's Microdermabrasion serum," she says. "In the winter or dryer climates, I use La Mer Concentrate Serum, La Mer Eye Cream and Crème de la Mermoisturizing lotion. I also love Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate Oil and eye cream. That was the only thing that kept my skin from windburn and chapping while on a cross-country motorbike trip. The best sunscreen I've ever used is Kiehl's SuperFluid."


Mature Beyond Her Years

Tricia Helfer/Instagram

Helfer learned to deal with responsibility early on. "I grew up with what I would call a level head," she says. "I had to have my own bank account since I was 8. I had to pay to go to school. We had a farm. I was a farmhand, and I made a wage and had to buy my own school supplies. We had a budget that we went over every week. So I always went at it as a business. You have to at least attempt to be smart about things."


Low-Key Fashion

Tricia Helfer/Instagram

Helfer prefers a low-key approach to fashion. "My look changes constantly with work, but my personal style has always been pretty low maintenance," she says. "I am generally casual but do enjoy spicing it up every so often. Of course, style changes with the fashion, but overall, I've always been pretty low key.  It's just too much work to always be styled and coiffed. I don't know how some people do it. I have too much stuff I'd rather be doing than getting all done up just to go run errands."


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