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Mad Men Star Alison Brie Shares Swimsuit Photo of "A New Thing"

She’s 40 and fabulous.

Mad Men star Alison Brie had an amazing time learning to surf earlier this year in beautiful Australia. Brie, who played Trudy Campbell on the hit show, shared pictures of herself in a wetsuit and green bikini, looking happy as she posed next to a surfboard, surrounded by friends. "Tried a new thing! 🌊," she captioned the upbeat post. Here's how Brie stays happy and healthy when she's not hitting the beach.


Thriving At 40

Brie is embracing entering into a new decade. "So I just turned 40, and I've been feeling really good and not freaking out about [it]," she says. "For me, I feel just as youthful as…I mean, I feel much better than I felt in my 20s, honestly, because I was eating [badly] and really not taking care of my skin. I really used my 30s to hone all of that stuff, and now honestly I've never felt better… Brows are the number one most important thing to me. I never leave the house without makeup in my brows. Going to the gym in the morning, it's like nothing on my face but brows."


Working Out


Brie loves the mental and physical aspects of regular yoga sessions. "I try to get in some kind of physical activity everyday, or at least six days a week, but I vary the activity based on how I'm feeling," she says. "I'm always trying to learn to listen to my body more and know when it's time to rest or to stretch it out in yoga. I used to practice yoga very regularly and after a bit of a break I've been getting back to it. It's so important to give my body a chance to stretch out while at the same time giving my mind a quiet space to unwind."


Skincare Routine


Brie never skips sunscreen as part of her skincare routine. "In the mornings I splash cold water on my face and give it a couple spritzes of Caudalie's beauty elixir. I don't fully wash my face until after I've worked out," she says. "Then I use Image Skincare The Max cleanser and follow up with Visual Changes Ultra Protection SPF 30 lotion. I never go a day without sunscreen. At night I usually start by wiping off the day's makeup with Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water. Then I cleanse with The Max again, always using a warm washcloth to exfoliate and make sure I get all my makeup off. After that, I use a retinol by Esthetic Underground, then Visual Changes Retexture Crème, and Osmotics Renovage eye cream. Osmotics really makes the best eye cream! The one I use is for fine lines but they have others that target dark circles etc. That's a product I've been using consistently for years."




Brie relaxes with epsom salts and CBD oil. "I've been incorporating Manitoba Harvest CBD oil more and more into my nighttime regiment, so I do like to do a nighttime sleepy time tea as well and epsom salt baths," she says. "When we're working on GLOW and my body is super tired, the CBD oil and the salt baths are my two go-twos to really bring in recovery and restfulness for sure."


Bubble Baths

Brie loves bubble baths as part of her evening routine. "I do it so medicinally, therapeutically, it's like a ritual where I put the epsom salts in and I just started using some mustard seed extract which is supposed to be good for detoxing," she says. "I'll set a timer for 20 minutes and do a 20-minute soak, it's like a full-out activity."

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