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Mad Men Star Kiernan Shipka Shares Swimsuit Photo "For My Birthday"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Mad Men star Kiernan Shipka is celebrating her birthday with a very special selfie. Shipka, who played Sally Draper on the hit show, just turned 24, and shared a picture of herself posing in front of the mirror in a pink bathing suit. "Got a bow on for my birthday," she captioned the post. Shipka practically grew up on TV—here's how the actress stays grounded day-to-day.


Keep It Moving

Shipka prioritizes getting some activity in every day. "Getting some good movement is really important to clear my brain when I can," she says. "I love yoga; I love going on walks. If I'm feeling fun and wild, maybe a class. I love journaling. That's been a huge part of my life for about a year now. It's amazing. I actually just looked back the other day at a bunch of old journals. That's why you do it, you know? To look back on them. I love playing music; I play the guitar. I also really like cooking for myself and eating foods that feel nourishing."


Lots of Vegetables


Shipka enjoys cooking but keeps it very simple, with vegetables being the star. "I cook vegetables and meat, and that's pretty much where it ends," she says. "I'm so into vegetables. I could go so far as to say that I go to the farmers market and let the vegetables speak to me. A lot of root vegetables and warm foods during the fall and winter. We could get into the sort of Ayurvedic aspect of it—like grounding foods. Top-favorite vegetable is cauliflower, for sure. And have you ever done roasted celery? It'll change how you look at celery. Because right now you look at it like ants on a log, and that only goes so far. But if you toss it with some good-quality oil, salt, pepper, even get some oregano and thyme up in there, and then roast it at 400º for like 45 minutes, you're gonna love celery all of a sudden."


Simple Skincare Routine


Shipka's skincare regimen is simple yet thorough. "My first step is usually just wiping my face with some water; I normally don't use a cleanser in the morning," she says. "I wake up very groggy and tired, and if I can expedite the process in any way I will. I've struggled with my skin before—I've suffered from bouts of cystic acne. That started as a teen, and I think that's what made me focused on my skin-care routine… I usually find that when getting my makeup done for an event or for a shoot, I peep the products that the makeup artist is using and if I see something new that I like I'll buy it."


She Loves Crystals


Shipka is interested in crystals for healing. "I've got some crystals, and I've been using them as of late, mostly for healing purposes," she says. "I cleansed them under the moon; I did the whole thing. I mostly use quartz. I have bad hips, so I've noticed that if I'm achy and I lie down and place the stones there, it really does help. But you have to set a clear intention for it. You can't just expect a crystal to work; you have to really vibe it and manifest. I also have a Dalmatian Jasper that I'm really into. It's supposed to be a stone that's really good for adjusting to change in your life. And since this show has been such a massive change, I think I'm gonna start leaning on that stone a little more."



Shipka refuses to let any job burn her out, as when she was filming Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. "There were a couple moments when I just felt completely burnt out and had to start taking a good hard look at what I was doing outside of work and readjust," she says. "I think that compromises are a good thing if you're doing a job you love."

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