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Maddie Ziegler in Two-Piece Workout Gear Says "Love You"

Here’s how she stays in shape. 

Maddie Ziegler first became known for being a cast member on the Lifetime series Dance Moms. She then appeared in several music videos for Sia, notably "Chandelier." Ziegler has transitioned to acting, appearing in the 2022 version of West Side Story, Bloody Hell, and Fitting In. In a recent Instagram post, Ziegler posed in black clothing. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Maddie Ziegler stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She's True To Herself

Ziegler opened up about her career in an interview with Teen Vogue. She says that she makes sure to stay true to herself as she navigates her career. "I'm always actively trying to be the best version of myself for everyone," she says. "But sometimes you have hard days and you just can't. I have to remind myself, among the chaos, to make sure that I don't lose myself, especially with being so young. I have to just remain who I am at my core."


She's No Longer A Perfectionist


Ziegler tells Teen Vogue that she is working on no longer being a perfectionist. "Being a dancer, you're taught to be disciplined and listen to whatever your teacher is saying. You don't talk back to them, and in a way, you feel like you don't have a voice — you can't have an opinion. I'm ready to leave behind the perfectionist. I'm ready to leave behind the people-pleaser. I will carry those traits with me forever because that's who I am, but I'm really proud of myself for setting boundaries in the last year."


She Doesn't Stress Out

In her Teen Vogue interview, Ziegler shared how she manages her stress. "If I were tired or stressed [on set], I'd say, 'No worries, no worries,' and our makeup artist would say, 'Worries, worries,'" she recalls with a laugh. "When you're in those moments, sometimes you have to make light of it. I think I sarcastically approach stress with, 'Oh, I'm not worried at all,' and it actually does help me through it."


She's Proud Of Herself

Ziegler tells Teen Vogue that she is very proud of herself, and that she realized this after filming Fitting In. "Lindy will live with me through my life and through the other roles that I take on," she says. "I am a very harsh critic toward myself, and it's hard to be proud, but the first time I watched [Fitting In], I was like, Wow! I did things that I didn't know I was capable of, and I'm proud, which is rare. I don't usually say that."


She Uses Sunscreen

Ziegler shared some of her skincare secrets in an interview with Teen Vogue. She says that she makes sure to use sunscreen. "You have to keep your skin protected and especially starting young so that you don't face a lot of problems like sunspots in the future. I use the clear EltaMD sunscreen and it's great." John Hopkins Medicine states, "Wearing sunscreen is one of the best — and easiest — ways to protect your skin's appearance and health at any age. Used regularly, sunscreen helps prevent sunburn, skin cancer and premature aging."

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