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Magnum P.I. Star Chantal Thuy Shares Swimsuit Photo From Santa Barbara

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Magnum P.I. star Chantal Thuy took a trip to Santa Barbara for some much needed rest and relaxation at the end of summer, celebrating her birthday with some well-deserved alone time. The actress shared a picture of herself posing in the pool in a blue bikini, a chilled drink in front of her. "Mommy break time 💛🥳💛," she captioned the post. "Mommy breaks are super important!" a fan commented. Thuy is as much an activist as she is an artist—here's how she combines the two worlds and makes a difference.


Beach Lover


Thuy loves the beach, calling it her happy place. "High levels of minerals such as magnesium, iodine and potassium are found in sea water, all of which help fight off infection, assist the body in healing and detoxifying and provide therapeutic effects," says UPMC Health. "The health benefits of ocean air also detoxify the body by filling your lungs with negatively charged ions that boost your immune system. Swimming in sea water also unclogs pores in the skin and allows for the expulsion of toxins from the body. Another benefit of sea water includes enhanced circulation. Sea water restores essential minerals that have been depleted by poor diet, stress and environmental toxins."


Pizza and Salad

A typical meal for Thuy is pizza with a big side salad. "Pile the vegetable toppings high, or serve along with a salad, and your pizza meal is incredibly balanced," says nutritionist Dana Angelo White, MS, RD, ATC. "Lean meats like chicken and ground turkey are welcomed additions. Toppings can also be placed atop a cooked pizza – that is the best time to pile on fresh herbs, a drizzle of hot honey or some lightly dressed greens."


Representing Asian Actors

Thuy is proud to act as a role model for Asian people on screen. "Part of the reason I chose acting as my craft was because there was such a huge lack of diversity on TV and cinema in my hometown of Montreal, Quebec," she says. "To this day, the industry there still lags behind in terms of representation, and that's something I have always wanted to defy. Hopefully, I can do my part so young people of color in Quebec can grow up feeling like they matter – that they're seen and have a right to exist with all their colors, quirks, and weirdness. It also just makes me mad that Asian Americans are largely ignored in popular media. This has got to change! Acting has given me my voice, so I am deeply grateful that I can live in a way that satisfies both my social activist and artistic sides."


LGBTQ Role Model


Thuy says she is honored to give marginalized communities exposure. "I'm moved by the support and love from Black Lightning fans in the LGBTQ community," she says. "They are my favorite people in the world, and I want to give them so much love! I'm super proud and honored to play Grace Choi and to do my part to give them voice and visibility, especially young LGBTQ women of color. I understand how identifying as bisexual is still confusing for society, and that some people don't think it's a legit thing. But it is! I remember years ago reading an article arguing that we all fall somewhere on the sexual orientation spectrum. It's important to me that I am neither straight nor a lesbian; I am bisexual, and that is its own thing. I've loved hearing from fans how much it's meant to them to hear that proudly and unequivocally spoken."


Fresh Fruit

Thuy loves snacking on fresh fruit, including pineapple, papaya, and watermelon. "Pineapple is the only food known to contain bromelain, an enzyme that helps your skin and tissues heal," says Julia Zumpano, RD, LD. "Bromelain appears to produce substances that combat in pain and swelling. If you have achy joints from osteoarthritis, try adding pineapple into your diet, but don't stop taking your medications or change your dose without talking to your doctor."

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