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Malaika Arora in Workout Gear Shares Vinyasa Yoga Routine

She is 50 and fabulous.

Indian actress Malaika Arora recently opened her own yoga studio and based on her social media updates, is well qualified for the job. Arora, 50, shared a video of herself wearing purple shorts and a black sports bra, doing a full Vinyasa yoga workout on a mat. "Yoga is not just a workout …. It's a way of life for me 🧘‍♀️. #powervinyasaflow @thedivayoga," she captioned the post. Here's how Arora lives her best, healthiest, and happiest life.


Yoga By Malaika

Arora is thrilled to open her own yoga studio, something is deeply passionate about. "I was introduced to yoga years ago when I suffered an injury, and since then my love affair with it has only become stronger," she told Elle India. "So when the opportunity to be a part of Diva Yoga came my way, I jumped at it. It's in sync with my beliefs about fitness, my love for yoga, and more importantly, I've always wanted to create a yoga studio that was dedicated to women."


Weight Training and Pilates

Arora works out every day, mixing up yoga, weight training, and Pilates. "I make it a point to practice yoga every day; if not at the studio then a quick 20-minute routine at home," she told Elle India. "Just practicing a few basic asanas every morning can really make a difference to the rest of my day. Besides that, I do some Pilates and weight training through the week to build strength, to train the mind and lengthen the body. I really wish I could be more outdoorsy, but I don't enjoy running because I find it very hard on my knees. I do try to fit in a swim when I'm traveling."


DIY Skin and Hair Treatments


Arora freezes papaya, potato and tomato into ice cubes and uses them as a cold face treatment. She also makes hair masks out of egg, coconut oil, and banana. "During COVID, I started experimenting and using natural products and I was using coconut oil on my hair once a week," celebrity extensionist Priscilla Valles told Vogue. "The hydration and shine it provides is beyond amazing."


Relaxation Activities

Arora likes to wind down and relax with massages, or cleaning her house. "Massage therapy is safe and effective for people of all ages," massage therapist Ivy Conrad, M.S.S.G.-L., tells the Mayo Clinic. "It's not only a feel-good way to indulge or pamper yourself. It's a powerful tool to help you take charge of your health and well-being, whether you have a specific health condition or are looking for a stress reliever."


Fitness Encouragement For Newbies

Arora has good advice for anyone starting out on their fitness journey. "The fact that you've begun is the best thing," she told Elle India. "You have got to push your mind, stay dedicated and look at your routine as a slow transformation, to stay on track. Don't treat your workout like a quick-fix, it's something that should be a part of your lifestyle if you want to reap its benefits. Creating your own fitness routine should be like getting into a long-term relationship."

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