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Manifest Star Melissa Roxburgh Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Spain Diaries"

Why she doesn’t want to act forever.

Manifest star Melissa Roxburgh spent a beautiful vacation in Mallorca, Spain, earlier this year, and shared the highlights on her Instagram account. Roxburgh, who plays Michaela "Mick" Stone on the show, posted lots of pictures of the trip, including a gorgeous shot of her wearing a bikini while sitting on a dock on the turquoise water. "Spain diaries," she captioned the post. Here's what wellness means to the star, and what's next for her career-wise.


Active Lifestyle

Roxburgh's family are all very active, so sports became a natural part of her life. "Being from Vancouver, it's kind of hard to not be athletic because there's so much to do outdoors: kayaking, canoeing, hiking," she says. "I kind of tried to be good at all [sports] and was good enough to make the teams but not really good at any specific one. I realized my favorite sport was running because I didn't have to compete against anyone but myself, and I'm also a bit of a loner so I really liked that time because it's meditative for me, too."


Beauty Must-Haves

Roxburgh has a few products she swears by. "First and foremost, I'm prone to under eye dark circles, especially in New York with the long hours we have," she says. "I've tried so many products and concealers that don't blend properly, or sit funny, etc. The only one that I have found (other than my basic, day-to-day Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Liquid Concealer, is Cle de Peau Radiant Corrector for eyes. It's SO good! I always follow it with Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Powder. That way I don't have to completely reset!"


Day-To-Night Beauty


Roxburgh uses perfume when she wants to go from work to play. "Another thing I love to keep on me is perfume," she says. "Living in New York, you rarely have the time or energy to go all the way home before something, which means you're usually out for the whole day. I have a weird need to always smell—at the very least—clean. My go to travel perfumes are Lise Watier Vent Du Sud Eau de Toilette Spray or Commodity Gold Perfume."


Runner's High


Roxburgh is careful about how she works out after developing an eating disorder in her teens. "I still get a runner's high, but now I know I don't have to run for two hours to get that high," she says. "I can do a half an hour run and feel just as good and it does not have to go any farther. The whole point of exercise for me now is I've made it an all-inclusive thing. I work out more when I feel down because it gives me the endorphins. I know how to regulate my body now because of that. If I'm working out too much, I cut back, because then I get tired and grumpy and cranky. It's more that I just want to feel good in my own body, and there is a buffer zone, but there are also boundaries. I think everyone has their own version of that, and it's not just physical — it's mental and emotional as well."


Long-Term Goals

Roxburgh isn't sure acting will make her happy long-term. "Young me would have looked at where I am now and been like, 'That's where I want to go, and that's what's going to make me happy,'" she says. "But I think now that I'm here, I'm realizing, like, it's not that way? And there are so many beautiful positives that come with being in the position that Manifest has given me, but also negatives… I love acting, but I want to be able to be on the other side of the camera. I do want to be successful, but I do not want to be famous."

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