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Maren Morris in Two-Piece Black Workout Gear Plays Pickleball

Maren Morris looks amazing. Here's five ways she stays in shape. 

Maren Morris recently performed with Hozier for a CMT Crossroads special and the former country artist not only showcased her amazing vocal talents but revealed her toned physique in a one-shoulder purple dress that highlighted her strong legs and chiseled arms. To help reach her wellness goals, Morris works out with celebrity fitness guru Erin Oprea who shared her diet and workout regime to E!. The Grammy-award-winning singer looks incredible, but has a healthy mindset about her journey–she's not trying to be a certain size, she just wants to feel her best, according to her trainer. Here's five ways the 33-year-old gets her sculpted figure. 


She Keeps Up Her Workouts on the Road

When Morris isn't on tour, she will do in-person sessions with Oprea, but when she's on the road, Oprea can't travel with her due to other client commitments. However, Morris doesn't use that as an excuse not to work out. She stays active and does things like play pickleball, which she posted about wearing black two-piece workout gear. She loves the game so much that she even had custom paddles to match the tour she revealed. But, she also keeps in contact with Oprea. "We'll FaceTime, which we usually do when she's on tour," Oprea said. "I also have my Pretty Muscles App and [clients] can just open my app and do the exact same thing as what we would do in person."


She Has Good Portion Control

According to Oprea, there's no big secret to Morris' fitness routine. It's about healthy eating and staying active. "If you want to lean down, there's no better answer than you have to eat clean," she said. "Eat clean to get lean, workout to get strong. There's nothing to cut out. It's just learning to not overeat. I would say that she's gotten really good at portion control."


She Loads Up on Protein But Doesn't Cut Carbs


Although many turn to diets like Keto or Paleo that encourage little to no carbs, Morris doesn't avoid them. "There's more protein and it's not heavy carb focus," Oprea said. "I also don't believe in cutting out carbs. She has this rotisserie chicken recipe that she really loves to cook. She's gotten really big into cooking with her husband and that makes me beyond happy." 


She Plays Tennis

Besides working out with Oprea, The Tree singer and songwriter plays sports. "She has been playing tennis," she said. "I encourage clients to do their cardio outside of me. Sports are always the best way because when you're chasing a ball, you're not thinking about cardio. She's been doing her cardio as well as lots of fun weight training."


She Does Squat Lunges


Morris does a lot of lower body workouts and Oprea shared, "There are so many variations of my squat into lunges that I like." She explained, "We've been playing a fun sumo squat game that I love. It is a sumo squat and you do 10 tiny jumps staying low. You hold for 10 seconds in the down position. Then you do nine tiny downs and you hold low for 10 seconds. Then you do eight jumps and hold low for 10 seconds. Everyone hates me coming in and then they love me when they are leaving. They get on stage or they take their photos and they're like, 'Okay, I don't hate her that much today."

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