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Maria Sharapova In Workout Gear Pushes Weight Sled Back and Forth

"I thought I wouldn’t have to do this stuff in retirement đŸ˜†,” she captioned the post.

Tennis legend Maria Sharapova shows absolutely no signs of slowing down in her retirement—in fact, she is busier than ever. Sharapova, 36, shared a video of herself wearing black leggings and a matching jacket, pulling and pushing a weight sled back and forth. I thought I wouldn't have to do this stuff in retirement đŸ˜†," she captioned the post. Sharapova stays active with sports such as pickleball in her free time—here's how else she remains fit and happy.


Pilates and Sand Dune Sprints

Sharapova does a combination of cardio and low-impact strength training. "When I'm not training on the court, I'll focus on my core at the gym," she told Women's Health. "I'll do Pilates-type exercises using one of those big bouncy balls. I also do a few cardio sessions a week, mixing it up with bike sprints or interval sessions on the sand dunes. They're so hard, my least favorite thing to do! But very effective. I stretch after every practice or training session. It's a good way to finish off the day."


Holistic Health

Sharapova has a holistic approach to health and beauty. "Wellness to me encompasses mind and body," she told Coveteur. "It's a life approach to continuously grow and improve. Set goals for yourself and your body, and no goal is ever too big. My goals are really to keep beating my own personal bests. I want to continue to become an even better athlete, to continuously sharpen my focus and to maintain a healthy, strong body."


Protein and Fruit

Sharapova enjoys a balanced diet with plenty of protein and fruit. "I need carbs and protein that work together, so breakfast will usually be a piece of fresh fruit and rye toast with goats' cheese and ham," she told Women's Health. "I'll eat chicken or fish with rice and potatoes for my main meals, and then snack on almonds and grapes throughout the day. During tournaments I have to be more vigilant, and I stay away from things that cause inflammation, like lactose. Butter can be hard for your body to digest, so something like goats' cheese is a better alternative."


Tea and Sweets

Sharapova is mindful of sugar, but does indulge now and then. "I have a sweet tooth, so when I visit my friends we usually have some afternoon tea, the proper English way, with scones, jam, little cakes and organic loose leaf English breakfast tea," she told Coveteur. "And I love candy, so much that I started my own candy collection called Sugarpova. I believe in indulging in moderation."


Ice Bath For Recovery

Sharapova always makes time for proper recovery after training and matches. "The best way to wind down after a big match? An ice bath," she told Women's Health. "Yes it cools down my muscles, but it's also great for resetting my mind. I'm a competitor and highly disciplined, and sometimes have to force myself to stop thinking [about tennis] and to shift focus elsewhere."

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