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5 Foods Marie Osmond Swears By for Weight Loss

Marie Osmond gets real about her weight loss and how she keeps off the unwanted pounds. 
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With a career spanning six decades, Marie Osmond became a household name at a young age. At 13 her debut single "Paper Roses" reached the #1 spot on two Billboard charts, and at 16 she starred in a hit variety show with her brother Donny. A few years later she won a CMA award when she was just 27 and she became a multiple gold and platinum-selling artist. Her career has soared from the time she was a toddler and the legendary TV entertainer went on to do everything from talk show host to author, actor, Broadway performer, entrepreneur, and public speaker. While the mother of eight achieved great professional success, she battled a not-so-private issue–her weight. "I was my heaviest in 2007," Osmond tells us.

That's when she turned to Nutrisystem, a life-changing program that helped her lose 50 pounds. "I'm 63 and I'm living my absolute best life right now," she says. "I know who I am. I've been through the crazy stuff. I have experienced heartache. Today, I'm at a place where I can say I feel great – both mentally and physically." Osmond is really happy with where she is regarding her weight loss journey and shares, "Honestly, I don't have a 20-year-old body, but I certainly don't have a 63-year-old body, either! And I believe the more you take care of yourself, the more your body takes care of you." In an exclusive interview, Osmond reveals how she lost the weight and kept it off, why she will never put on excess pounds again, and what's always in her fridge. 


"Weight Can Age You"

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Not only can extra pounds lead to serious health issues like stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, and more, but Osmond explains how being overweight can affect all areas of your life, which is why she will always work hard at making healthy decisions. "Weight can age you and make you feel even older than you really are! It also takes away the joy of being active in your own life, as well as with your children and grandchildren," she says. "It not only destroys your health, but it also affects your mental health, too. And when you hear the world saying, 'Love me however I am,' I think you need to love yourself enough to be the best version of yourself, so that you can live your fullest, most beautiful life. That's why I have continued living this healthy lifestyle."


She Couldn't Have the Life She Has Now 50 Pounds Heavier


Osmond has a busy life professionally and personally. She has multiple grandkids she spends a lot of time with and loves traveling with her husband. She admits if she was heavier, she couldn't enjoy her active lifestyle. "I would never go back to where I was 50 pounds overweight," she states. "My last album debuted at No. 1 on Billboard. I never could have done that without the health and energy I have now. I never could have endured the demands of a grueling tour." She shares, "Recently, I went to Disney World with my eight grandchildren and my 23-year-old son said, 'Mom, let's shut down the park.' I never could have done that with 50 pounds on me!"


Six Foods She Always Has in the Fridge

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It's easier to eat right when you stock your fridge with healthy options and Osmond shares her top six go-tos she always has on hand. 

–"I am a big fan of grilled chicken because it's packed with protein to keep me feeling full. I usually try to have a protein like chicken for lunch so it helps me get past that dreaded afternoon slump.

–Chopped veggies like cucumbers, peppers, and carrots are always in my fridge. These are so easy to throw in salads or eat as a side for any meal. I also make sure they are already cut and in clear containers so I can see them easily. It's like they're screaming, 'Eat me!'

–Blueberries are one of my favorite fruits. They're low in calories, but full of nutrients like vitamin C and potassium. 

–Spinach is another favorite. It's low in calories, but big in flavor and nutrients. I love how you can use it as a base for a salad, sauté it as a side for dinner, or throw it in the blender as an addition to a smoothie. It's a must-have for me.

–I always have lemons on hand. I love the flavor and will cut them up and add them to my water. It's so refreshing. 

–I love the convenience of my Nutrisystem shakes that I blend with ice to create a frosty chocolate treat."


She Learned Portion Control

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One important takeaway Osmond has learned from her program that's helped her keep the weight off is portion control. "Thanks to Nutrisystem, I learned, for the first time in my life, that food was not the enemy," she shares. "I learned what a proper portion size looked like. I learned that you could enjoy food and live healthily." She adds, "Most importantly, I learned that I need to eat multiple times throughout the day. By doing that, I allow myself to have more energy."


Her Mindset About Dieting Has Changed

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Dieting can be harmful because the mindset doesn't teach healthy habits, so Osmond instead focuses on positive lifestyle choices. "The minute you think 'dieting,' you think, 'Oh, I can't have this,' and it becomes restrictive," she explains. "That's not what living a healthy life is about. I believe in moderation of all things. I believe in having a healthy relationship with food – you can eat what you love in moderation and still make healthy choices."  Osmond adds.


Nutrisystem Was a Big Lesson

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Osmond learned to incorporate healthy choices into her daily life and credits the program for helping her do so. "Nutrisystem wasn't just another diet, it was a lifestyle change," she says. "The lessons they taught me have stayed with me. As I get older, I may fluctuate from time to time, but when I see myself starting to gain weight, I will start eating healthier using the tools and tricks Nutrisystem taught me."


She Works Out


In addition to eating healthy, Osmond "loves to be active." She tells us, "My year-round favorite is walking and listening to audiobooks. I love to read so by making it a part of my exercise, it's how I get my steps in." She continues, "My husband, Steve and I love to hike and explore. I'm also checking things off my bucket list. I just went ziplining over a waterfall and I went skydiving. I actually jumped! It was the most exhilarating experience of my life."


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