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The Office Star Angela Kinsey in Workout Gear Says "That's a Lot of Sass"

“Helmet Sass. Sunset Sass. Porch Sass. New Sassy Friends.”

Angela Kinsey is best known for her role as Angela Martin on the hit comedy series, The Office. She and her co-star, Jenna Fischer, host a podcast recapping the series called Office Ladies. Kinsey just shared a set of outdoor photos on Instagram. In them, she wore a bike helmet, stood outside, and spent time with farm animals. She captioned the post, "Helmet Sass. Sunset Sass. Porch Sass. New Sassy Friends." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Angela Kinsey stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Makes Time For Herself

Kinsey has a busy life, but she always makes time for herself. She shared her favorite way of doing so with Woman's Day. "I like to sit on the back porch [in the morning] and have a cup of tea, and sometimes I get a whole 10 minutes. I just sit, and I don't look at my phone; I just watch the day wake up a little."


She Takes Advil

To deal with aches, Kinsey takes Advil. "I've been using it for so long, and it's always been my go-to," she tells New Beauty. "I really do like Advil Dual Action—it's a combination of ibuprofen and acetaminophen. For me, all my aches and pains start behind my left shoulder blade, and then they travel up my neck to right behind my left eye. It's like this doom-thing that happens. It's all connected. It felt like a good fit for me as I jump on the trampoline and forget that I'm actually 49 and not 25."


She Walks

Kinsey shared some of her favorite workouts with New Beauty. "I've always been a big walker," she says. "I don't know that I burn a ton of calories on my walk, it's more of a stroll, but I do it every day. Physically, it's a great thing for me to do, but, for my mental health, it's a really wonderful thing. As corny as it sounds, looking at the flowers blooming, watching a cool-looking bird, or just seeing my neighbor's trees growing are all things that make me feel connected to something bigger—and remind me that I'm not just in this small bubble that is my home. My family has a farm in Texas and we were always out in nature growing up. Getting to go for a walk and getting outside has always been very good for my soul, and I have continued doing that during the pandemic. On days where I haven't, there's a dip in my energy level."


She Stretches

Kinsey also tells New Beauty that she makes time to stretch, and shared her secrets for doing so. "I really see the benefits of just taking time to stretch. I lost a lot of range of motion just sitting in a chair all day at a computer and I used to go to a yoga class, which I haven't been doing recently because of COVID. I know there's online classes. My husband is all about doing this online class, but it is harder for me. I'm a in-person person, I'm a people person. It's hard for me to stay accountable to an online-type of exercise class, so I just started stretching myself. I have a few that I started to incorporate into my day. I want to do more. I'm already seeing the benefits to it and I want to do more."


She Accepts Herself

Kinsey is all about self-acceptance, and talked about this with New Beauty. "I feel very comfortable in my skin. I know the skin is a little looser than it used to be—but it's my skin. I'm really comfortable in it and I'm super thankful for all of these 50 years that I've had in it. I hope I get to have many more and I'm actually really looking forward to it because I feel very thankful in my life. I have a lot of gratitude in my heart right now, and I feel more at ease with myself than I ever have. That's a wonderful place to be."

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