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Marvel Star Marisa Tomei Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Hydra Summer"

She’s in her happy place.

Marvel star Marisa Tomei spent August in one of her favorite places on earth: the island of Hydra, Greece. The Spider-Man: No Way Home actress, 58, shared highlights from the trip, including pictures and video of herself swimming in the ocean with friends. "Hydra Summer 🌊💦🌊💦," she captioned the post. "You never aged since Vinny," an admiring fan commented. Tomei has been in the public eye for decades and only seems to thrive year by year. Here's how she does it.


Preparing For Aunt May


Tomei believes in holistic health and wellness. "What you put into your body is even more crucial than what you're doing in terms of your exterior," she says. "What I eat and how I connect with my body feed my external. Right before the press tour [for Spider-Man: Homecoming], I went to Greece for a few weeks because I was at a stressful point in my personal life. I got really relaxed, which really helped [me]! In terms of brass tacks, I try to eat seasonal, local, and organic foods as much as possible, almost all the time. Moving meditation, like dance meditation, makes me feel at home in my skin; it helps me on a spiritual, mental, and, ultimately, physical level. I still hike and do calisthenics and yoga from time to time, but the cornerstone of it all is the inner stuff."


Sauna Sessions


Tomei swears by sauna sessions to help undo the results of unhealthy behaviors. "Lately, I have been going to the infrared sauna for detoxes, which I absolutely love. It heats up the body from the inside out, so I get a lot of energy afterward and I feel so light. It gets rid of any poisons, especially if I had to take medicine or had a lot of sugar or alcohol. It's a great place to be in and do meditation, too. Multitasking! I don't believe in tricks or even a routine; I listen to what my body wants me to do and follow suit. I'm just trying to keep it together like everybody else!"


Local Produce


Tomei tries to buy local produce as much as possible. "I always go to the farmers' market," she says. "But since I've been able to be planted in one spot and I didn't want to go to the grocery stores, etc., I was in a really good groove with using my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box and rounding it out with things from a store or a restaurant that had converted to provisions."


Skincare Tips

Tomei is known for her ageless skin. "I love Persephenie, out of Los Angeles, so much that I actually want to one day work with her on a line," she says. "She works with organics and is very intimately involved with her small batches. I use her moisturizer and her serum. And then I use Cetaphil. Infrared saunas are really good for your skin, too. I also use a dry round brush before I shower. I brush my skin really lightly in the direction of my heart—it's an ancient Ayurvedic thing that keeps your lymph glands moving and makes your skin smooth on your body. I try to let my look be all about the skin."


Mediterranean Diet

Tomei grew up eating a healthy diet. "I got lucky in the way my mom fed us when we were growing up – a Mediterranean diet, lots of fresh fruit and veggies, and protein, but on the minimal side," she says. "I get food from farmer's markets as much as possible and drink lots of water. I don't really believe in being fanatical about anything. I like it to feel that food gives me more energy, so I try to eat things that have a lot of prana, or life force, in it."


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